"Armed" high school kids; 1 in 10 in Turkey

 This is a survey result by a parliamentary commission. Knives or razor blades are accepted to be weapons though. Still, 6 % carry guns (!) Hmmm, "Among those asked" approach may not yield accurate results at all. Turks learn to boast in young ages. "I carry a gun" does not mean he really carries a gun…

Weapons ‘rife in Turkish schools’

More than one in 10 Turkish children takes a weapon to school, according to a survey by a parliamentary commission.

However, this still means something negative of course. Boasting about being armed… There follows some other survey results. Not a very positive social scene we have… 

Guardian ? Turks reveal xenophobic, conservative attitudes in poll Nine out of ten of those interviewed had never taken a holiday abroad and 70% never read books

Women in politics divides EU and Turks

ISTANBUL – The different mentalities of people in Turkey and in European Union countries toward the participation of women in politics have been highlighted once again, this time in a panel organized by the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey, or KAGİDER.

Questions and answers: Turkish family law

In Columnists

I’m sitting in a cozy and warm patisserie, enjoying my salep (try this authentic Turkish drink if you like milkshake or hot chocolate-type things). It is snowing outside.

US report: Torture cases increase in Turkey

WASHINGTON – The U.S. State Department said in its annual global human rights report late Wednesday that documented cases of torture by members of the security forces were on the rise last year in Turkey.

Women in Turkey battle for rights

ISTANBUL – Women’s rights activists say the rise of militarism in the country perpetuates patriarchal hegemony in Turkish society and that NGOs must work to reverse attitudes that restrict women’s equal participation in social, economic and political life

Deep Inequalities in Education

By Jenny White on women and education in Turkey

Half of Turkey’s population is under the age of 28, so the state of education is particularly important. A report by the Reform in Education Initiative (ERG) at Sabanci University reveals  deep inequalities in the education system on the basis of socio-economic status of the family, region and gender.

2008 Human Rights Report: Serious Problems And Some Good News

By Jenny White on human rights in Turkey

The US State Department 2008 “Human Rights Report on Turkey” has been issued (click here for the report). It covers the following issues in detail over the 2007-2008 period.  The report’s summary introduction:

The government generally respected the human rights of its citizens; however, serious problems remained in some areas. During the year human rights organizations documented a rise in cases of torture, beatings, and abuse by security forces. Security forces committed unlawful killings; the number of arrests and prosecutions in these cases was low compared with the number of incidents, and convictions remained rare. Prison conditions remained poor, with chronic overcrowding and insufficient staff training. Law enforcement officials did not always provide detainees immediate access to attorneys as required by law.

What Makes Muslims Happy?

By Jenny White on Muslims in Turkey


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