Economic crisis grips Europe, it is reported. No need to repeat, Americans were already under the grip when I visited Houston back in December. … and Turks? Economic crisis always but always grips Turks…

Swedish EU presidency logo (Photo: Swedish government website)

‘Life on hold’

Fears for the future as economic crisis grips Europe

MAIN FOCUS: No to Eastern European rescue package | 02/03/2009


The EU countries want to better coordinate their national bank rescue plans and economic stimulus programmes. At an informal summit meeting in Brussels on Sunday the heads of state and government also rejected protective measures for individual industries and an aid package for Eastern Europe.

Media blamed for Eastern Europe panic

At an EU informal summit on Sunday (1 March), leaders from Central and Eastern European countries strongly criticised Western media for depicting their countries as "black holes" and major threats to economic stability.

MAIN FOCUS: A new division? | 03/03/2009


The longer the financial and economic crisis persists the more political commentators see European unity at risk. Cracks are now particularly apparent in relations between Eastern and Western Europe.

On the upcoming EU elections

By nosemonkey on Elections

Interest in and turnout for elections is in pretty much direct proportion to how important and likely to have an impact the public perceive them to be. So European election campaigners should be discussing why the elections matter – and come up with some convincing arguments along those lines, because I haven’t heard any yet.

The majority of people don’t know what MEPs actually do, or what influence they can actually have. For most people, the answer to the latter (and probably the former, thanks to all those stories about MEPs turning up to sign the register and then buggering off again) is “very little”.

No need for Anglican Angst

By tabsir on Islam in Europe

79 per cent of Muslims say Christianity should have strong role in Britain

by Nick Allen, The Guardian, Feb 2009

Nearly 80 per cent of Muslims say life in Britain should be guided by Christianity, according to a poll.

People were asked to agree or disagree with the statement “Our laws should respect and be influenced by UK religious values”.

The proportion of Muslims who agreed (79 per cent) was higher than for Christians themselves (70 per cent).

Regions can improve EU’s image, survey says

A new survey published last week (27 February) indicates that EU citizens trust their local and regional authorities above all other bodies, believing that they have a role to play in increasing understanding and trust in the Union.

Animal testing: Victime, Torture, Mort

Three ads from the German animal rights organisation NOAH.
Victime, Torture, Mort.
Make a donation against animal testing. found in
Animal testing: Victime, Torture, Mort

Sascha Lange

The End for the Airbus A400M?

Repercussions and Alternatives for the German Military

SWP Comments 2009/C 02, February 2009, 4 pages

The A400M programme is in big trouble. Production has been stopped and
there is no sign when the transporter might make its maiden flight or
enter service. Manufacturer EADS and the states waiting… more

Muriel Asseburg

European Conflict Management in the Middle East

Toward a More Effective Approach Joint Publication of SWP and Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

SWP Research Paper 2009/RP 04, February 2009, 60 pages

Euroscepticism is yesterday’s creed

Plans for a political union in Europe were always crazy. But the four freedoms already established by the EU – free movement of goods, people, services and capital – are huge and tangible achievements. It would be terrible to see them rolled back, writes Gideon Rachman

What This Weekend’s EU Summit Did And Did Not Achieve

By Edward Hugh on Economics and demography

Well reading the press this morning it would be fairly easy to reach the conclusion that nothing really happened yesterday in Brussels, and that a great opportunity was lost. The latter may finally be true, but the former most certainly is not.

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