"Religious Kurds become key vote in Turkey

Religious Kurds become key vote in Turkey | csmonitor.com

Despite its secular roots, a major Kurdish political party is fighting to regain conservative Kurdish votes from the ruling party.
By Yigal Schleifer | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor

DIYARBAKIR, TURKEY – In an office on the outskirts of this city in Turkey’s predominantly Kurdish southeast, a group of gray-bearded men – all retired clerics – gather for a nightly meeting.

The Turkish state’s Kurdish TV channel

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The state-owned Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) has launched an exclusive Kurdish-language television station. This is undoubtedly a historic development that reflects the changing attitude of the state toward its Kurdish citizens. I do not doubt that before launching such a move, the government negotiated with and received the approval of the security establishment.

Intelligence wars in Ankara

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A long time power struggle among the intelligence organisations of Turkey has intensified lately, in particluar, with the emergence of Ergenekon terror organisation under which 86 people, 46 of whom are in jail, are being tried over various charges including to mastermind an armed uprising to overthrow the current government.

TRT Şeş and our differences

By SABAH NAZLI ILICAK on Turkish Press Review

There are those who are angered by the phrase "Turkey is a mosaic" because, after all, this phrase seems to imply the collapse of the efforts of those who are trying to create a single, homogenous nation.

What you say is important

By STAR MAHIR KAYNAK on Turkish Press Review

It is important for the state to establish a TV channel that broadcasts programs in Kurdish. However, this development should be regarded as a flaw since this step has been taken out of political necessity and not because of a change in our world view.

Launch of Kurdish channel a sincerity test for all

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The dedication of a Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) channel to Kurdish broadcasting as of Jan. 1 has come as a late but pleasing move for many in a country where speaking Kurdish was banned until 1991.

Turkey plans to start Kurdish language education in universities

Department of Kurdish language and letters would be established in two leading universities in Turkey, the chairman of the Higher Board of Education (YOK) said on Thursday.

No Kurdish in elections

ANKARA – As the state broadcaster airs its Kurdish channel, new election regulations came into effect yesterday banning the use of any language other than Turkish in election campaigns.

Grounds for dialogue with Kurds

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The Kurdish issue has virtually surrendered itself to governmental struggles, particularly because of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) indirect presentation of itself as the government’s associate.

A beginner’s guide to Ergenekon, trial of the century

Sunday’s Zaman, Turkey –

This article is intended as a guide to cover the basics about the gang known as Ergenekon and attempts to introduce concepts that might help the reader

The Dual State: The Turkish Case
International Peace Research Institute, Oslo, Norway –

This will be followed by Professor Ilhan Uzgel’s of Ankara University’s comments on the Turkish Deep State and the ongoing Ergenekon trial.

Local elections to shape 2009

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It seems that the first and one of the most critical events of 2009 will be the local elections scheduled to be held on March 29. The first months of the year will witness fierce battles among political parties to win the greatest amount of votes and significant provinces in the local elections.

Exhaustion of the AK Party

By STAR NASUHİ GÜNGÖR on Turkish Press Review

Kurdish issue. Terrorism that we fight against in connection with this issue. Alevis. The current situation of the relationship between religion and the state, and the conflicts occasionally taken to the Constitutional Court.

Kurdish literature depts for Istanbul and Ankara

ISTANBUL – Both Istanbul and Ankara Universities have very experienced language departments, says YÖK President Yusuf Ziya Özcan, adding that they prefer to open Kurdish literature departments such as these in the country’s universities rather than establish an institute."

Turkey’s Kurdish TV channel opens to mixed reviews | Reuters

Kurdish broadcast on state TV by MÜMTAZ’ER TÜRKÖNE

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TRT 6 started its broadcasts on the first day of the new year. TRT Şeş, or the Kurdish TRT channel, will be airing programs in Kur

dish 24 hours a day.

What should TRT 6 look like?

By BUGÜN, GÜLAY GÖKTÜRK on Turkish Press Review

Surely the newly launched TRT 6 should make frequent promotions of the products of Kurdish culture and serve to make sure that a renaissance takes place in this repressed culture.

On TRT’s Kurdish broadcast

By RADİKAL, MURAT YETKİN on Turkish Press Review

TRT 6 was launched two days ago. Will this fix the problem and ensure that the victims extend the courtesy of forgiving longstanding repressive measures? Will this fix the broken hearts?

Tale of the century may prove house of mirrors

Irish Times, Ireland –

"Ergenekon", as Turks call it, has been dubbed the most important political trial in the country’s history, and Guney’s 2001 testimony is central to it.

JİTEM behind Anter and Aydın murders, claims Kurdish group
Today’s Zaman, Turkey –

However, the recent exposure of the PKK’s connections with Ergenekon, a clandestine and highly dangerous gang nested within the state hierarchy trying to

[2008 EVENT OF THE YEAR IN TURKEY] Ergenekon: trial of the year
Today’s Zaman, Turkey –

The two were taken into custody on July 1 as part of an investigation into Ergenekon, a gang suspected of planning a shooting at the Council of State in

Turkey and the Kurds | Television diplomacy

By M.A.M

Dec 30th 2008 | ANKARA AND DIYARBAKIR From The Economist print edition
Mavi Boncuk | Hopes that a new channel may herald fresh reforms

ROJIN is a feisty, beautiful Kurdish bard who belts out nationalist ballads. As a result, private Kurdish television channels that showed her were long penalised or even taken off the air. But now she will be a regular on Turkey’s stultified TRT state television, which this week launched a 24-hour Kurdish channel in the main Kurdish dialect, Kurmanji.

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