"Interview: EU political dimension 'painfully lacking'

European gas supplies disrupted

Several EU countries report major disruption to their gas supplies from Russia as Moscow accuses Ukraine of shutting pipelines.

EU plays down reduced Russian gas deliveries

Russia ordered a cut in natural gas supplies to the EU via Ukraine yesterday (5 January) over a payments dispute. But EU representatives meeting at short notice played down the repercussions of the decision for Europe.

Gas row spreads as supplies to Europe fall

Russian gas exports to Europe fell sharply after Gazprom cut supplies to transit pipelines crossing Ukraine, in a sharp escalation of the dispute between the two countries

Russia-Ukraine gas dispute prompts EU meeting

Russia and Ukraine have sought support from Brussels in a bid to resolve a week-long dispute over gas supplies, which has seen six European countries start to experience gas shortages. EU national envoys will meet today in the Belgian capital under the auspices of the Czech EU Presidency to develop a common response.

It took 4 days for the Czechs to make a mess

By Jon

Why am I not surprised about this? I’m not looking forward to the Czechs in the chair for the next 6 months. Bring back Sarko, all is forgiven.

Du?an Relji? | Solveig Richter

Credibility and Compliance

The EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) Risks Forfeiting Its Leverage in the Western Balkans

SWP Comments 2008/C 32, December 2008, 4 pages
EU foreign ministers reiterated their support for the enlargement process
at a meeting of the External Relations Council on 8 December 2008. The
promise to accept the Western Balkan countries for… more

Solveig Richter | Wolfgang Zellner

A New Helsinki for the OSCE?

Chances for a Revival of the European Security Dialogue

SWP Comments 2008/C 31, December 2008, 8 pages
The five-day war in Georgia has exposed an apparent crisis in the approach
to co-operative security in Europe. The European Union and NATO have found
it difficult to deal with this crisis and are… more

EU – any hope for positive surprises in 2009?

By Jon

EU Flag - Creative Commons / Flickr

EU Flag – Creative Commons / Flickr

Every fifth year is decisively different for the EU: election years. And this year is one of those years. For the 40% of the population that will go to vote it’s a relatively minor event, but in Brussels itself election years are very different. MEPs try to cram a few extra reports into the few sessions in spring, the European Commission winds down, and then everyone plays a game of chicken behind closed doors to determine how the juicy jobs are going to be allocated. At best it all looks opaque, at worst you get a mess similar to that caused by Rocco Buttiglione.

Use of technology and working conditions in the European Union

From the Summary:

This report is an analysis of findings from the Fourth Working Conditions Survey on the subject of technology, working conditions and health. It shows that it is not so much the technology itself but rather the associated working conditions that put workers’ health and safety at risk.

WSJ: The Euro Decade and Its Lessons

By Grassroots

For the complete report from the WSJ.com click on this link

The Euro Decade and Its Lessons

The single European currency, born on New Year’s Day in 1999, is a rare economic shining star of the past decade. The euro’s record also offers timely lessons for the debate about how to rebuild the global financial system.The current financial storm has also shown the benefits of a common currency. Some countries have been harder hit than others, and we hear again that a monetary policy conducted by a multinational ECB favors big states like France and Germany and will push the eurozone to the breaking point.

How do European Capitals of Culture affect you?

Ever wondered what European Capitals of Culture really attain? Why all the competition to get the title and what is the lasting impact? LabforCulture and Trans Europe Halles have been thinking through these questions and as a result bring to you a collection of resources exploring the European Capitals of Culture and the communities around the cities.

Interview: EU political dimension ‘painfully lacking’

Europe lacks a "grand design" and must move on from utilitarian concerns by becoming an "ideological project" if it is to have a significant impact at global level, arg
ues prominent author and historian Elie Barnavi in an interview with EurActiv.

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