"Academic blogs attract growing audience

Academic blogs attract growing audience

Rice faculty and staff bloggers say online writings help raise profile

Rice News staff

Rice academics are joining the small but growing ranks of those who are taking up blogging as a way to broaden their academic communication. While academic blogs are still relatively rare, communicating via a blog does have some advantages.

Frenemies on Facebook

A blogger exposes an elaborate effort by a private company to create a captive market of students on the popular social networking site.
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RIAA adopts new antipiracy strategy

By admin on USA

RIAA adopts new antipiracy strategy: “The record industry has dropped its longtime legal strategy of targeting individuals suspected of sharing music files online and is working instead with Internet service providers to send warnings before considering a lawsuit.The new strategy, disclosed Friday, doesn’t mean the Recording Industry Association of America will stop filing lawsuits. However, legal action will be directed only at people who ignore repeated notices. The new tactic would have not affect on pending lawsuits. The RIAA told The Wall Street Journal that the industry was changing to a tactic that it believed would be more effective in reducing the amount of illegal file sharing that takes place on peer-to-peer Web sites.

I don’t like Technorati any more. It does not show all links to my blog. They play with novelties a lot but sometimes miss their primary goal…

Can Technorati Beat Google at Blog Search?

In technorati

"It doesn’t matter what Internet business you’re in," Richard Jalichandra, the CEO of blog search engine Technorati told me recently. "You’re either going to have direct or indirect competition with Google and that’s just the way it is…[Google is] not the 800 pound gorilla, it’s the 80,000 pound gorilla."

But unlike most competitors to Google, Technorati still seems to have a legitimate shot at beating Google in its niche. Though Google’s main search engine has been dominant, its Google Blog Search, launched in 2005, has failed to gain similar market share. And though some traffic analysis sites have reported that Google Blog Search is edging out Technorati in terms of search traffic, they also note that more than half of that traffic stems from links on Google News.

The Place of Blogs in Journalism Education

In journalism school

Blogs have become part of the editorial furniture of most news sites. In the U.S., 95% of the top 100 newspapers feature reporter blogs. So it seems appropriate to include blogging in the curriculum of journalism schools. For the past couple of years, my students at the UBC Graduate School of Journalism have written blogs as part of their course work.

Digital Media Leadership Report 2008

This report, produced in October 2008, attempts to distill key ideas and lessons from the The Knight Digital Media Center at USC Annenberg School for Communication conferences and its blog. It is organized in the form of lists that will be updated and enriched at least several times a year. …

Wikileaks tells Wikinews why they published Danish child porn censorship list

By admin on censorship

Wikileaks tells Wikinews why they published Danish child porn censorship list – Wikinews, the free news source

From Wikinews, the free news source you can write!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wikileaks has obtained and released a list of all 3,863 websites that are being censored by Danish Internet Service Providers as of February 2008. The system is used to filter out child pornography, although Wikileaks points out it “can be used to censor anything” and claims “most sites on the list are still censored (i.e must be on the current list), even though many have clearly changed owners or were possibly even wrongly placed on the list.”

Top 10 Most Pirated TV-Shows of 2008

By admin on TV Piracy

(Via TorrentFreak.)

Top 10 Most Pirated TV-Shows of 2008

lostTV-shows are getting increasingly more popular on BitTorrent. Most TV-broadcasters won’t be happy to hear this, but one could argue that BitTorrent has actually helped TV-shows to build a stronger, broader, and more involved fanbase.

Campaign: Digital Tools and the Greek Riots

By Mary on riot

Digital tools have been used to organize violent protests, but could also be used for peaceful change.

Description: Since an Athenian teenager was accidentally killed by a policeman’s bullet on December 6th, Greece has been gripped by riots. While DigiActive does not condone the violent nature of the actions taken, we do acknowledge the value of discussing the digital activism techniques used, as they may be of value to nonviolent campaigns for change.

Digital Activism Tools: citizen journalism web site (Indymedia Athens: h

ttp://athens.indymedia.org), Facebook, SMS

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