[updated] Official Kurdish TV channels starts test broadcasting…

New TV channel uses Kurdish usage of some words in which W or X letters are used. Some Kurdish originated Turkish citizens were tried and imprisoned in the last two decades just because they had used those  words…  Use of Kurdish itself was forbidden back in 1980…. A major positive development on the Kurdish question by AKP in an otherwise banally nationalistic political context…

State television begins Kurdish test broadcasts

ISTANBUL – The head of the Diyarbakır Chamber of Trade and Industry, Mehmet Kaya, agrees that TRT’s new channel is important, as such mediums can allow the language and culture of a people to develop. He says the TRT’s belated efforts on Kurdish TV are welcome, but argues that it need to be supported by scientific measures to promote Kurdish

The coming of the TRT’s Kurdish channel

By STAR NASUHI GÜNGÖR on Turkish Press Review

The total impact of Kurds in Turkey, the pro-Kurdish movements and the other movements that seem different but in fact resemble each other have much more power to affect northern Iraq and the rest of the region than the Kurdish groups and movements in northern Iraqi to affect Turkey.

Transnational Middle-East Observer: Kurdish TRT launched against PKK

Turkey’s Kurdish TV Gamble

By Yigal Schleifer

In what could be a very significant move, Turkey’s state broadcaster (TRT) is set to launch a Kurdish-language channel in the beginning of 2009. Full details about the channel, called TRT 6, are still sketchy, but it promises to provide much more than the pitiful current level of public broadcasting in Kurdish, limited to a few hours a week and hardly watched………

The PKK is against Kurdish TV in Turkey, 28 December 2008 Sunday 1:29

Turkey Kurds Welcome the Kurdish TRT Broadcasting


ANKARA (JTW) – The Turkish state TV, TRT, will begin its Kurdish broadcasts in January. The use of Kurdish was prohibited following a 1980 military coup until the year 1991 in the country. The TRT aired test broadcasts on Thursday in two Kurdish dialects, Kurmanji and Zaza. Full broadcasts will start on January 1.
The TRT’s Kurdish channel, TRT 6, broadcast interviews about the project and played Kurdish music in its test broadcasts on the first day.

A hobbled initiative: TRT’s Kurdish channel


The most serious step yet in the administration’s “democratic stance on the Kurdish problem,” the TRT’s Kurdish channel, comes to television screens in January.

Top 10 MediaShifting Stories of 2008

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Once again, it’s time to look back on the year that was, and consider the new media highlights. Overall, it’s been a topsy-turvy year, with a deep recession and historic election giving us reason to despair and hope. The economic turmoil pushed people to read online news at historic levels this past fall, and econ blogs became required reading for those who wanted to gain insight into the complex problems of the financial world.

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  1. RE: Kurdish Broadcasts.
    How incredibly proud, Novel Prize Harold Pinter (1930-2008), who just died last week(see Omnium), would have been. In 1988, he wrote a one act play: THE MOUNTAIN LANGUAGE, about the torture and fate of the Kurdish people. He drew his inspiration from the long history of oppression the Kurds suffered under Turkish laws.


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