in the first hours back in istanbul

Dad met me in the airport, complained about the growing economic problems of Turkey,

Mum told me to start dieting, told me someone from the local police station called because of my military service situation. I will call back the military office itself tomorrow.

On my way to meet Çetin, I burnt a new cd for driving. When I was listening to Slayer’s Diabolus in Musica, I stopped a car who was in the reverse direction in a one-way street. He had to back off. I swore and yelled at at least three more fellow drivers before I met Çetin. Çetin also complained about the economic crisis.

I am working on an excel sheet to make a list of all my credit card debts.  I paid some and I couldn’t figure out how to pay others that are due this month yet.

I read news and commentaries about the demise of Beşiktaş while I made a task-list for Wednesday.

I haven’t been sleeping for more than 30 hours now.  Maybe because of exhaustion, I got depressed after all. Better to grab my novel, Haruki Murakami‘s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and go to bed…

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  1. I had to laugh….when I finsihed up, a friend gave me a book to read. He said it would help to make sense of things….yep, the Wind Up Bird Chronicles!
    It can be hard to readjust back to the real world, even more so from what you have described. It takes time but you will get there.


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