I am leaving Houston tomorrow. I do not know when I can be here again, it became my second home for a while, probably the second most familiar city in my life and now I am leaving. I did not have much nostalgia really but when I was passing through Grad Apartments where I stayed for two years today at 7 am (!), feelings of nostalgia hit me. I do not think it will last though. I had to give Ayhan a ride to the airport, so i got up very early today. Then on my way back from the airport, i managed to miss Highway 610, kept going on 45 but gladfully ended up somewhere in downtown, then I could find my way back home. That’s how I had passed through Rice campus once again. Anyway, now I have had enough rest and it is time to delve into the hectic life back in Istanbul…

Rice Grad Apts.
In two hours, I will be on my way to watch Beşiktaş-Galatasaray derby. GS is already a favorite. There might be another bad result right before a long flight.
My life passed here in a triangle of friends: Ayhan, Julie and Ebru-Ertan. I will miss them both. Especially, I will miss Ertan and Julie because I do not know when I can see them again in near future. Ayhan will be around in Istanbul next month. Ebru is planning to spend the summer in Turkey….
This is a fantastic song. In my last days in Houston, I have the pleasure of accessing Youtube unmediated (without Ktunner etc) and here I was listening a song about Turkey’s former prime minister and president, Süleyman Demirel. “Süleyman, always a primer minister”. He kept being a prime minister after three coups:)

Check out how this player enjoys his last minute goal…

Hürriyet Video’larını izlemet için Flash 7 veya daha yüksek eklenti yüklenmeniz gerekmektedir. Yüklemek için tıklayınız!!!

var hm = new FlashObject(“http://videogaleri.hurriyet.com.tr/hurriyetmediaplayer.swf”, “Hürriyet_Video”, “420”, “350”, “1”);hm.addParam(‘wmode’,’transparent’);hm.addVariable(‘FlashVars’, “&videoid=2970&vimage=http://videohaber.hurriyet.com.tr/Spor/vucinic.jpg”);hm.write(“video”);

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