For a few more municipalities…

PM Erdoğan gone crazy. His latest statements are unbelievable. He has explicitly supported citizens’ use of weapons against protesters. He is riding on the nationalistic discourse even MHP does not use any more: Love or Leave… We will see what this will lead to. I am afraid that AKP now alienates most of Kurds. Mr. Erdoğan believes he has already secured more pious, traditional Kurds but he seems to ignore that religious Kurds are not like religious Turks. Every Kurd I know that does not support PKK still have a nationalistic consciousness. They voted for AKP because they thought this party was the only one that could embrace them. Now it seems this may not be the case. AKP might witness a big time disappointment in the region… Minister along with some other ministers… 

In the mean time, militaristic propaganda knows no boundaries in major Turkish TV channels. Those respected anchormen/journalists like Uğur Dündar and Mehmet Ali Birand have spent considerable amount of prime time coverage from commando education centers this week! Just watch the prime time news, you will see what I mean.  This week most of the members of Turkish government got briefed at the commando center!

No, the Prime Minister would not have said such a thing

Mehmet Ali Birand

PM accuses intellectuals of cultural erosion, forgets about Üzmez

The prime minister yesterday accused the country’s intellectuals for the erosion of the concept of family in society, but remained tight-lipped on the much-criticized sexual harassment

Oktay Eksi: Quo vadis Turkey?

Where are we heading towards? We need to confess that we feel a sense of fear when we look at the prime minister’s recent remarks and attitudes that support our previous concerns which have been raised in this column on related issue."


DTP protests and Tayyip Erdoğan

The Democratic Society Party, or DTP, is about to lose local municipalities in the eastern provinces, which it considers its fortress. There is a fire in the East but the reason is sabotage. A significant part

Plant seeds of wind, you’ll get a tornado

By BUGÜN GÜLAY GÖKTÜRK on Turkish Press Review

We all see what the election "fight" in the Southeast has become. An election campaign vying for local administrative posts has created an atmosphere of war as well as extreme polarization that may bring the country to the brink of civil war. How did this happen?

Why is political race bitter in Southeast?

By AKŞAM İSMAİL KÜÇÜKKAYA on Turkish Press Review

Despite clear threats and dangerous provocations, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan pays a visit to the Southeast every week. This is a courageous act that the people love.

No one should leave, let’s live together

By SABAH ERGUN BABAHAN on Turkish Press Review

The vast majority of people living in this country believe in the principle of "one flag" and "one nation."

Southeast and our assumption

What do you think about the images in Hakkari? Has not the time come to discuss the issue without applying censors and self censor? Identity problems, the affects of denying Kurdish identity,

Opposition parties slam PM’s statement

A statement from Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, interpreted as an expression of sympathy for a gunman who fired on a pro-Democratic Society Party rally in Istanbul on Monday, has

Ergenekon: Turkey’s military-political contest, Bill Park

Turkey’s year of extraordinary political controversy continues to absorb and divide the country’s citizens. The latest high-level dispute surrounds the opening on 20 October 2008 in Istanbul of the long-awaited trial of eighty-six suspects involved in the elusive "Ergenekon" conspiracy. The scenes of chaos and overcrowding in the specially-constructed courtroom were such that the judges decided to adjourn the case until three days later. The delayed launch is an early signal that the legal process promises to be long and difficult. Behind, the trial, moreover, are divisions within Turkey’s political and military elites that have the capacity to create even more crises in the period ahead.

Half of Ergenekon indictment read after five days of trial
Today’s Zaman, Turkey –

Prosecutors reached the halfway point in their reading of the voluminous indictment for the first trial of Ergenekon, a criminal network accused of plotting

DTP members arrested in Istanbul – Turkish Daily News Nov 05, 2008

Kurdistan in northern Iran and PKK

The emerging elites of Iraqi Kurdistan who closely monitor developments in the world and in their immediate region say that "an Iraqi Kurdistan cannot exist without Turkey."

Erdoğan’s Southeast visits and the DTP

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has been visiting the country’s Southeast over the past several weeks, is facing a backlash from supporters of the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP), which has mobilized the public to stage violent protests.

Ahmet Türk accuses Erdoğan of inflammatory comments

The co-leader of the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party, or DTP, Ahmet Türk, has responded strongly to suggestions over the weekend by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan that those who

Singing a heart out, against all odds

Kurds dismiss her for being “too Turkish,” while on the other hand, Turks label her “too Kurdish.” At a time when it is easy to be pushed to the extremes, the singer Rojin is the perfect example of someone

DTP: Premeditated suicide..

What best describes a political party insisting on aligning with a terrorist and separatist organization, wild violence, provocation, lies and a campaign of disseminating ethnic-based hatred and enmity other than premeditated suicide? Unfortunately, the protest demonstrations in some southeastern Anatolian provinces and in some big western cities such as Istanbul, that were provoked with the blatant lie that separatist chieftain Abdullah Öcalan was beaten up at the İmralı prison have long gone beyond the limits of the exercise of a “democratic right” and turned into a wild rehearsal of an ethnic uprising. The aim is rather obvious; Increased tension will lead to increased polarization and

‘Politics of service’ as opposed to the ‘politics of identity’

By YENI ŞAFAK, YASIN AKTAY on Turkish Press Review

There is no doubt that every political group in Turkey has the potential to back things that are only to their benefit.

Trial of strength
Frontline, India –

Supporters of The Ergenekon outside the prison in Silivri, west of Istanbul, where the hearings are taking place, on October 20. The ban

ner has pictures of

Turkey’s military-political contest
ISN, Switzerland –

The 2455-page Ergenekon indictment, which has resulted in around 30 charges being leveled at the suspects range from membership of terrorist organizations

Turkey’s military-political contest
ISN, Switzerland –

The 2455-page Ergenekon indictment, which has resulted in around 30 charges being leveled at the suspects range from membership of terrorist organizations

CHP’s new documents pressure Turkish watchdog pres

"CHP’s new documents pressure Turkish watchdog pres
The main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) continued Monday to pressure for the resignation of the head of Turkey’s radio and television watchdog, Zahid Akman."

The DTP and PKK’s urban warfare: Why do they use children? by EMRE USLU & ÖNDER AYTAÇ

In Op-Ed

Last week’s incidents in major Kurdish cities need to be analyzed from three perspectives. First, why do the Democratic Society Party (DTP) and the outlawed Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) need to provoke violent demonstrations in cities? Second, why do they use children?

What does the DTP aim to achieve through violence?

In Columnists

As the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) has continued to foment violence by mobilizing the public in the country’s Southeast to stage violent protests over the past several weeks, suspicions grow over the party’s goal in acting this way.

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