Obama Presidency: A New Era In Turkish-American Relations?

Obama Presidency: A New Era In Turkish-American Relations? – Eurasia Daily Monitor

What Obama’s Win Means To Turks And The World – Forbes.com

Ertugrul Ozkok: Would a Turk elect a Kurd as president?

Seven differences between Obama and Erdoğan

Inspired by daily Hürriyet columnist Ahmet Hakan, who wrote an article setting out the seven similarities between Obama and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, I will write seven

Obama win hailed in Turkish media

In Columnists

The victory of Democrat Barack Obama over Republican John McCain to win election as the next president of the United States – the first African-American to hold the nation’s highest office — was greeted with pleasure in the Turkish media yesterday, with many commentators seeing this as a promising step for the development of democracy, not only in the US, but also the entire world.

World hopes for a ‘less arrogant America’

The world was riveted by the election drama unfolded yesterday in the United States, inspired by the hope embodied by Barack Obama or simply relieved that – whoever wins – an administration

Top issues facing new US president

The next U.S. president, whether it be Democrat Barack Obama or Republican John McCain, will face a full load of foreign policy

European lessons from the web-victory of Obama 08

Obama Elected, The World Rejoices – Turkey, Macedonia Perhaps Not So Much | BasBasBas.com

Election night sex

By jason@kottke.org

Several folks on Twitter are talking about post-election sex and Obama babies (children conceived on election night…mark your calendars for late July 2009). The consensus seems to be that Barack got laid in a big way last night.

US elections (II)


Obama promises ‘new dawn’ after historic win

Barack Obama promised a ‘new dawn of American leadership’ after he was elected the first African-American president of the US amid international acclaim and record turnout. As Congressional Democrats increased their majorities, John McCain, the crushed Republican candidate, praised his rival’s achievement

Europe leaders hail Obama victory

European leaders voice hope that Barack Obama will reinvigorate transatlantic ties as they congratulate him.

EU officials pressure Obama on financial reform

US President-elect Barack Obama has been invited by European Parliament President Hans-Gert Poettering to address the EU assembly in Strasbourg next April. Meanwhile, Poettering and European Commission President José Manuel Barroso outlined their views on transatlantic relations ahead of a G20 meeting in Washington on 15 November.

On not getting too excited

By nosemonkey on US

I was up all night, drinking vast quantities of beer and vodka, finally getting to bed around 11am UK time. It was certainly worth it – even though it was all over by 4:30 (CNN called it for Obama at 4am, with McCain’s concession speech starting just 20 minutes later) and even though I now have the kind of hangover I haven’t experienced since my student days after grabbing about 4 hours sleep.

Around the World, Praise for Obama

By Kevin Sullivan

LONDON, Nov. 5 — Through tears and whoops of joy, in celebrations that spilled onto streets on distant continents, people around the globe called Barack Obama’s election a victory for the world and a renewal of America’s ability to inspire.

Excited About Obama, Realistic about Transatlantic Cooperation

By Joerg Wolf

German and American policy pundits and exchange students look forward to a new phase in transatlantic relations, but also recognize the limits of further US-European cooperation. That’s my conclusion from speaking to dozens of America enthusiasts at Telekom representation in Berlin, where one of the many election night parties took place.

MAIN FOCUS: Change in the US | 05/11/2008


The Democrat Barack Obama has won the US elections and will be the first black man to take up office in the White House. The European press welcomes the change in the United States.

Ottawacitizen.com: World reaction to Obama victory: From jubilation to trepidation

LATimes: The Complete Text of President-elect Barack Hussein Obama’s Acceptance Speech – An Historic Moment for America and the World

Top searches on Election Day (part 3)

By Karen

The long, long election campaign season culminated today as people made their choices on hundreds of
statewide and local contests as well as the race for the next U.S. president. We’ve kept an eye on Google Hot Trends to decipher what may be meaningful, as well as searches that are "business as usual" on Google. This is the third and final update for today. – Ed.

As of 12 am EST:

Iraq to be more decisive in Turkey-U.S. relations under Barack Obama

SABAH Newspaper English Edition – National – How will Turkish-American relations be affected?

Mideast echoes Obama’s ‘change’ message, skeptically

The Middle East resonated yesterday to the yearning for change which drove Barack Obama’s victory in the U.S. presidential election, but many predicted he would dash their hopes for a fresh

Change has won, but…

One thing is for sure – the George Bush administration has just 75 days more in the White House – while the election landslide of (Hussein) Barrack Obama in Tuesday’s presidential vote may bring a drastic change in the U.S. as well as throughout the world, what course the U.S. and the international political order will take after Obama’s takeover of the White House is totally unpredictable.Like most people elsewhere did, in the former Roman imperial capital Rome, where I am attending the fifth edition of the Turkish-Italian forum “ItoTurk”, I was glued to the TV Tuesday night to follow the development of the elections in the last empire of modern times, the U.S. Back on Oct. 30, I wrote in

A new world will be created with Obama and…

Mehmet Ali Birand

Obama: a black president at a critical juncture

In Columnists

Barack Obama has been elected the 44th president of the United States. The most striking message of this election is, of course, the election for the first time of a black man as US president.

The Obama revolution

In Columnists

It was, more than ever, the world’s election. It certainly felt like one. The buzz was in the air for a long time.

Obama victory will have positive effect on Turkey

In Columnists

Despite the increasingly proactive stance on foreign policy issues that Turkey has been forging over the past several years while emerging as a regional power — as defined by Graham Fuller, a former official of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) — critical issues, such as methods in the fight against terror, fears over preserving territorial integrity, and Armenia and Cyprus, continue to haunt the country.

Next question: Can Barack Obama do it?

In Columnists

The most exciting and closely watched US election in recent memory concluded with a decisive victory for Barack Obama. Not only Obama supporters in the US, but also a good part of the world’s population have taken a big sigh of relief.

Jonathan Jones: Obama’s victory proves American democracy is creative

By Jonathan Jones on Democrats

As a famous novelist once said, American reality always trumps American fiction. For what novelist could have written a story like this week’s and billed it as anything but science fiction? Not so long ago, Philip Roth (the author of that remark) published his counterfactual story The Plot Against America. The election of an African American president on a radical, world-changing, nation-saving agenda is surely just as counterfactual as his idea of an American fascist presidency. Or more so. We’re into the territory of Roth’s altered worlds, that he has also employed in books such as Operation Shylock and The Counterlife. We’re through the looking glass. Or to put it another way, Americans have just written the first chapter of their greatest novel of all.

Fast-paced change in the Kurdish issue by MÜMTAZ’ER TÜRKÖNE

In Op-Ed

I had previously stated that the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party’s (DTP) strategy of escalating tension and violence in the streets is derived from flawed reasoning.

McCain teaches Baykal a lesson on democracy

In Columnists

Many things can be and are already being said about the US presidential election. Experts on international relations, economics and other areas are voicing their views about it.

Obama: bad news for Ergenekon and CHP

In Columnists

How will the election of Barack Obama as the new US president affect other countries? This is specifically the question that crosses the minds of people in the Islamic world.

Hope, a renewable so
urce of energy

In Columnists

Barack Obama’s landslide victory was a useful reminder, for the whole world, of the power of hope.

Will Turkey find its own Obama?

In Columnists

The election of Barack Obama as the first black US president has caused not only his supporters in the US, but also a good part of the world’s population to take a big sigh of relief.

Congratulations, America

In Columnists

The American people have spoken, and spoken well. After a long history of persecution and humiliation at the hands of whites, black Americans have sent a merited representative to the highest office in the land. How could an election get more historic than that? And how could a nation do better than that?

The risks Obama brings for Turkey

In Columnists

Although there are more than two months before the freshly elected president takes his place in the White House, one can see that the election is already affecting Washington.

Obama’s America and Iraq

In Columnists

Barack Hussein Obama’s election as the 44th president of the United States, and as the first Afro-American president, has triggered many new, stimulating but also distressing debates.

White and black citizens

By MİLLİYET TAHA AKYOL on Turkish Press Review

Obama’s election as US president was welcomed all around the world. If one reason is the joy of getting rid of Bush, the other is the election of a black as president in "white America."

US and our weirdness

By STAR ESER KARAKAŞ on Turkish Press Review

Something very important happened in the US; even if Obama were not elected, the US would be still a very important and influential superpower.

We will not have any Obama because…

By SABAH NAZLI ILICAK on Turkish Press Review

Will Barack Obama’s election to the US presidency as a black man be a democratic model for Turkey with regard to the Kurdish or Islamic identity? Another question: Does Obama’s election show there is no racial discrimination in the US?

Obama as an image

By YENI ŞAFAK, AKIF EMRE on Turkish Press Review

Obama’s victory reminds me of the most successful aspects of the American system: the mentality that means, in the name of facing up to your history, that you apologize to history and not shrug off your responsibilities.

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