Blogger ban is temporarily lifted while Turkey cannot make it to the "Top 10 Countries Censoring the Web"- yet

Top 10 Countries Censoring the Web

By Nick on Internet

When the World Wide Web was created in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee (not to be confused with the Internet itself, which is the core network developed many years earlier), its main objective was to enable the free exchange of information via interlinked hypertext documents.

Almost 20 years later, that objective has been accomplished on most parts of the world, but not in all of them. Some countries are trying hard to keep an iron hand over the flow of information that takes place on the Web. Below you will find the most controversial ones. [Click the title to see who are top countries]

Blogger/Blogspot unblocked in Turkey

Blogger/Blogspot unblocked in Turkey while court awaits missing evidence

Right now, Blogger and * domains are available again while courts await further evidence backing Digiturk’s claims. Great. Let’s hope it stays that way. After YouTube got unbanned, it got banned again, so who knows what will happen.

Blogs Banned in Turkey

By Jenny White on Blogspot banned in TUrkey

The latest in a series of bans on popular Web sites has spurred many to question the future of Internet freedom in Turkey. Turkish Internet users trying to access the popular [and world’s largest] blog-hosting service get an error message saying that access to the site has been blocked by a court decision, without stating the court ruling or explaining why the service has been banned…

Turks ranked 4th in Facebook

By M.A.M

Facebook Population By Region: all numbers current to last Friday (Aug 22nd 2008)

Turkey must change Internet Law, educate judiciary

Perhaps those who hope and struggle for a change in mentality and progress toward freedom should be thankful: Turkish courts have manage to expand their "control" over the "ever-threatening" (!) Internet by banning site after site on a daily basis.

Why Are Blogspot and Blogger Banned? Free Soccer

By Jenny White on Uncategorized

Transportation Minister Binali Yildirim has said the government is looking into ways to block unwanted pages of Web sites instead of banning the site as a whole….

Investing in free minds

In Columnists and even the Vatan daily have recently been added to the long list of Web sites whose entire content was blocked by court order because specific items were deemed to be offensive.

Flickr: Discussing Turkey previously blocked access to and at behest of Islamic creationist in U.S. Politics and the World

Getting afflicted with doubts

By Sean Jeating

Telling a young lady the facts that inspired me to write the dialogues in previous post, she spontaneously said:

– They must not become member of the EU.

– You know that one could argue the opposite view – with exactly the same reasons, don’t you?

– I know. However, I don’t think they would change, once they became member of the EU. And noone – at least no majority – would insist on them changing their misogynous behaviour. On the contrary, I hear politicians say ‘Ah, we should accept their culture is different from ours.

Turkish government still not grown-ups in the Internet world

By Internation Musing

If I read the following remarks made by Turkish Transportation Minister Binali Yıldırım, I stay sceptical about his intentions. The fact that ‘Internet & communications’ resorts under the minister for Transportation, shows that his Turkishness is nothing more than backwardness. I am also curious how he will will ‘control’ each and every web site, blog, facebook account (!) etc.

Adnan Oktar’s Internet Censorship in Turkey

By Gyro

In April 2007, Turkish Islamist Adnan Oktar (a.k.a. HarunYahya) filed a libel lawsuit against the owners of ek$i sözlük, a virtual community similar to everything2. The court reviewed the complaint and ordered the service provider to close the site to public access. The site was temporarily suspended so the entry on Oktar could be expunged and locked. Access to another news Web site was also

Internet bans violates human rights.

By Internation Musing

Do I must be happy that the ban on is lifted? No, first of all, some basic human rights were taken away from me and are given back. Nothing more or less. Which rights? Read it here.

Groups say Web site bans hurt Turkey’s image

By Gyro

YouTube and Blogger — both are banned in Turkey! Several Turkish nongovernmental organizations advocating freedom of speech and expression have stressed in a written statement that frequent Web site bans damage Turkey’s image abroad. A large number of NGOs, including the Internet Technologies Association (İTD), Turkish Informatics Association (TBD) and Whole Internet Association (TİD), released

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