Blogger banned in Turkey. Turkey, a country in negotiations with the EU

Turkish judiciary proves itself daily as the most backward section of the Establishment and AKP is about to complete its "Ankara-ization". Now relatively accepted by the gatekeepers of the Establishment, the ruling party remains indifferent to web bans.


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Turkish Bans


You have blogger? Turkey has blocker! First, it was WordPress. Then YouTube. And now Blogger, world’s largest ‘free’ blog service, is blocked or banned in Turkey. Why? What difference does it make? What’s next? The Internet? Is this a ploy by traditional media outlets (i.e. sensationalist Turkish newspapers whose readership among porn enthusiasts is on the way down) to shut…

Turks in Turkey cannot read Turkish Diary…

Turkish Ban book for Dummies…

By Internation Musing

I didn’t know that more proxy sites(unblock sites) are available than the youtube one. Now I am using Very simple to use…so the ban have no effect at all, with the exeption that it takes more time and that some features disappeared. I can not create links for example.
That there are idiots in Turkey who ruin, sorry, run different segments of the society is clear for me. But some are really dumbs. Here a story I picked up from a fellow blogger on

No internet freedom in Turkey; banned

By Internation Musing

While the right of freedom of expression is provided for by both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Turkey banned The rights, as stated in those two declarations includes, with limited exceptions, the freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas, regardless of frontiers. The international human rights framework provided by these instruments applies to communication on the Internet just as it applies to other forms of communication.

‘EU needs Turkey to play globally’

The European Union would definitely need Turkey if it desired to become a global power, chief advisor to the

Olli Rehn: New constitution is a must to avoid new crisis


On the eve of the Nov. 5 release of a critical progress report on Turkey’s EU membership efforts, EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn urged Ankara to stay within the boundaries of human rights and freedoms while fighting terrorism and called on member states of the 27-nation bloc to stand behind the union’s statements on combating terrorism.

UN elects Turkey to Security Council for 2009-10

By M.A.M

Turkey obtained 151 votes from the 192-member General Assembly, one of the highest number of votes received in a three-way contest, with 80% of the votes cast in favor of Turkey. The election of Turkey to the UN Security Council represents the confidence reposed the country and her peaceful foreign policy based on dialogue and cooperation.

Turkey and the EU: Slowly but Surely

Kurdish literature revives in Turkey, writers say | Lifestyle | Reuters

A Scholar’s Boat Tour Offers New View of Istanbul –


Murat Belge is one of Turkey’s most important intellectuals. He is also — when the mood strikes him — one of this city’s most erudite tour guides."

Security Council elections: Turkey at the helm by Joshua W. Walker


It’s official. After being absent for more than four decades from the United Nations Security Council, Turkey has joined Austria, Japan, Mexico and Uganda as a nonpermanent voting member on the world’s most powerful security institution.

A depressed Turkey smiles with UN Security Council success

Demoralized and disappointed by the deaths of its soldiers as a result of terrorist attacks in recent weeks, a war of words between the media and the General Staff and never-ending bickering among its politicians, Turkey nevertheless rejoiced at its election to the influential UN Security Council last Friday.

No economic hurdle to Turkey’s EU ambitions

There is no economic reason to prevent Turkey from joining the European Union in the next few decades, according to a recent report by international investment bank Goldman Sachs.

UN membership harrows Greek Cypriots


Towards the EU

Turkey’s non permanent membership to the United Nations Security Council became a diplomatic gain while the country is struggling with the global financial crisis and security problems on the

Yaşar Kemal loses faith in EU

Semih Idiz

Maureen Freely: The western media doesn’t tell the full story about Turkey’s censorship laws | Comment is free |

Western Balkans, Turkey to get 4.5 billion euros in EU assistance by 2011 (

Spiegel Interview with Turkish President Gül: ‘We’re Not in Any Rush to Join the EU’ – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International

Turks to EU: Never Mind

By Bruce Macphail

While Turkey’s ruling AK Party is still committed to full accession to the European Union, Turkish citizens are becoming less interested in joining the club. Together with the growing anti-Turkish accession feelings from both the citizens and the leadership of current EU member states, it is looking less and less likely that Turkey will ever become a member of the EU."

Army and Islam makes Turkey lose out to Europe

By Roman

Slovakian experts have their take on what problems the EU member candidate has

The Daily Star – Politics – Visiting founder of EU think tank lauds Turkey’s strides toward democracy

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  1. What can i say? Can’t we just put all brainless people on an island? Nova Zembla (Novaya Zemlya). Elba, Saint Helena…. or just make them candidates for the vice presidency of the USA?

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