Turkey is not a country to live like a civilized human…

Blogger is censored today. There is no access to Blogger accounts from Turkey….

Personally, I am now looking for an opportunity to leave this country… 

World’s largets blog hosting service banned in Turkey
Earthtimes (press release), UK – 4 hours ago
Ankara – A court in south-east Turkey on Friday banned Turkish internet users from accessing Blogger, the world’s largest free blog hosting service.

0 thoughts on “Turkey is not a country to live like a civilized human…

  1. This sounds completely ridiculous and surely in the end will make no difference as people will use other tools or find a way around it….? I guess I am taking all my access for granted. I will now be even more grateful for being able to have my own blog.
    Orhan Pamuk has left, hasn’t he? oh, dear….
    All the best

  2. it’s so sad.
    but i hope this one gives an inspiration to people to unite. i hope this censorship will make people angry. and i hope they will fight for their rights..
    what an optimistic thought, ha? i think the laws and orders of turkey, made me this crazy.
    youtube has been banned since May 2008. which one of you remember that there exists a site called youtube?
    no one cares about our rights, like freedom of thought and freedom of speech..
    as long as we keep our silence and accept all of these, i am sure that those guys will ban the whole internet.
    and i’m begging, please, never stop to ask “why?”
    “why did you ban those websites?”

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