"AFP: Turkish trial against 86 alleged plotters opens chaotically

It has been three months and they could not even prepare a room to start a proper trial.  Like the indictment itself, the court process starts in mess…

AFP: Turkish trial against 86 alleged plotters opens chaotically

Turkey's President Abdullah Gul (C) heads a National Security ...

Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul (C) heads a National Security Council meeting in Ankara October 21, 2008. REUTERS/Mustafa Oztartan/President’s Press Office-Handout

Hardline nationalists go on trial in Turkey

Some 86 ultranationalists including politicians, newspaper editors and lawyers are accused of planning a violent destabilisation of the Turkish government

86 on Trial in Turkish Coup Case

By M.A.M

Mavi Boncuk
86 on Trial in Turkish Coup Case By
Published NYTimes : October 20, 2008

MAM gets a Court Date

By M.A.M

Turk:- Am I out?
Bocu 1:- You are.
Bocu 2:- If the Court Case holds.

Hodja:-for evER funny
Mr. E.K.Telli:-retired GENerals on trial
Turk:- what about the EKONomy
Bocu 1:- They seem to agree.
Bocu 2:- Don’t read between the lines.

A trial of historic importance

While the government and the Foreign Ministry celebrate Turkey being elected as non-permanent seats on the powerful U.N. Security Council – a development which definitely is a diplomatic success – most Turks and Turkey observers are concentrated more on the start of a trial today of 86 people at a prison hall turned into a big courtroom at the Silivri prison outside Istanbul, on the Marmara Sea coast.The 46 defendants have been systematically vilified in the pro-government media. Though the trial is starting only today and the defendants has not yet answered in court more than two dozen charges against them ranging from membership in a terrorist organization and instigating an

This mentality grants Gladio an eternal life

In this country, we are going through too many things, too quickly and all at the same time. Sometimes it is difficult to find an opportunity to touch on an issue, let alone perform an exhaustive analysis of it.

Historic Ergenekon trial starts with hope

The first trial of the Ergenekon gang started in İstanbul yesterday. Eighty-six individuals suspected of involvement with Ergenekon, a crime network with links to the state and the military, are on trial and accused of a number of political murders and attacks designed to trigger an eventual coup d’état.

Long live the homeland


Take the sentence "Some are trying to profit from the blood of our martyred soldiers," take it and hold it with respect, with care, without breaking it, without spilling it, without damaging it.

Aktütün and Ergenekon


Let no one try to claim that it is "supporters of the Ergenekon case" who are leaking the documents that show the weaknesses at Aktütün and that their aim is to "wear down the current administration."

Just a beginning

The Ergenekon trial that is finally getting under way in Silivri is the result of a 17-month inquiry into the activities of shadowy underground gangs that have apparently played a major behind-the-scenes role in Turkish politics in the recent past, even if that role was not always understood at the time.

Ergenekon trial: a test for Turkish democracy

The long-awaited trial of the Ergenekon terrorist organization began yesterday in the resort town of Silivri, just to the west of İstanbul, and in true Turkish style at that: The courtroom, with enough space for 280 people, was too small to even accommodate the lawyers and defendants, much less the media.

AKP and DTP meet to discuss Kurdish problem

The deputy leader of the ruling party and members of Turkey’s pro-Kurdish party held a surprising meeting late Friday to discuss the Kurdish problem and recent terrorist attacks in the country. Dengir

Minister dismisses Öcalan mistreatment claims

Rumors the leader of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, was mistreated in his island prison were totally unfounded, said the justice minister yesterday. He was responding to

Maintaining Turkey’s democracy


Corruption claims hit AKP, survey says

Support for the ruling Justice and Development Party, or AKP, dropped from 50.9 percent in September to 35 percent in October, revealed a recent poll carried out by Ankara-based Metropoll

Top commander made a mistake

Mehmet Ali Birand

Greener Pastures for Bruce Fein: The Kurdish Conflict in Turkey | Asian Tribune


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A protest action before the jail where Ergenekon inquiry organiz

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