Albums that accompany Erkan's bored and empty days…

After submitting the draft, I feel a great emptiness in my life. Nothing is solved yet. 48 days left for the defense. It may still be early to get feedback, I have my own list of tasks to do. But I don’t feel to re-start before weekend.

I made a new music selection I will listen to when I drive. That’s the only place where I can listen as loud as possible and that selection is the only fun I can think of at the moment. My colleague Ceren Mert was exposed to the first session at noon today. After being exposed to Slayer’s "I hate you", she may not ride with me again:)

 Albums included in the selection:

Undisputed Attitude by Slayer 

Du Ciment Sous Les Plaines
~ Noir Desir

La Radiolina by Manu Chao 

Nightfall in Middle-Earth by Blind Guardian 

Icky Thump by The White Stripes 

 Oh yeah tonight Fenerbahçe plays against Arsenal in Champions League. That might be fun, seeing Arsenal crushing FB ahahahahaha

 Now I go to Malta to take refuge and do some reading and wait for the game and see any friends/comrades show up before the game….

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