Museum of Communism

Two ads from the Czech Museum of Communism. Communists like Marx and Stalin had some human genes according to these visuals. found here: Get Intimate With History


Erkan is not as productive as he wants and he feels not good. These albums keep him company:

Death Magnetic by Metallica Loud-that Erkan likes normally, but disappointing. Every old Metallica song had a soul, not like these that look like each other. Good for ordinary metal listener but not enough for the Old Metallica style.
Tostaky by Noir Desir  Not good. Too loud.
Veuillez Rendre L’âme (à Qui Elle Appartient) by Noir Desir  Good, soothing.
Lateralus by Tool  I liked it. In fact, I don’t like much about the contemporary metal bands like Slipknot (but i will give’em a chance soon), Tool has some real quality.
Undertow by Tool  Not tried yet. but since I liked Lateralus. I am hopeful about it.
Favourite Worst Nightmare by Arctic Monkeys Could not like it. I love Franz Ferdinand, but I could not this FF like band and its album.
Superunknown by Soundgarden Not listened yet. I will give a chance anytime now:)

A song I love nowadays:
Sweet About Me by Gabriella Cilmi

oppps I forgot to mention: 

Agent Orange by Sodom  A tribute to my high school days. A speedy thrash that thrashes anything left in your mind. Sometimes useful…

Study: Joint European films ‘most successful’

European co-productions are released in more EU countries and fare better at the box office than their entirely national counterparts, revealed a study published by the European Audiovisual Observatory (EAO) on 11 September.


Metallica CD slammed for being too loud

By Jack Schofield on Digital music and audio

We live in an age of crap CD mastering, and Metallica’s latest chart-topper seems to take the "loudness wars" to a new high — and the recording engineer agrees

Was the Metallica album too loud for you?

By Dan Martin

It may be a monster comeback, but some fans and critics aren’t too happy with the sound of Death Magnetic. Even its engineer has distanced himself from it. So did you also find yourself hitting a sonic brickwall?

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  1. Have a look at this US literary web site.
    McSweeneys, I just love the whole feel, idea and I have been drooling over the different issues and their packaging at the Blackwells which is across the street from where I work. Everyone of them seems like a packaged special present and I cannot decide which ones to buy.
    It will cheer you up.
    Take care

  2. Kathrine, that’s really sweet. It is tempting but i will resist to buy anything for the moment:)

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