Metalist Kharkiv thrashes Besiktas: 4-1

Our UEFA Cup dreams end tonight. 

I now begin to feel really ashamed of the team I support. It is a helpless case. I don’t know what Beşiktaş players need more. The club has the third biggest budget. They are paid well, they have fantastic facilities. But from the administration to the players, Beşiktaş football team represents a moronic existence in Turkish football. It is virtually impossible to f**k up all the time. But they can achieve this state of constant failure. Yes, the club administration might be one of the worst ones ever seen in the club history. But can this be the only reason? How come all the players can be without any soul, without any honor? The same footballers were defeated by Liverpool 0-8 last year and now comes another embarassing defeat. Damn you all, you lousy d**kheads. I won’t spend a single minute for you at least until end of the first season. Then I will see what happens….

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