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The launch of Google Chrome had to be rushed out last night after an employee accidentally emailed a comic book explainer to Blogoscoped. The really very excellent comic explains how Google rethought the web browser from the bottom up, starting by saying how the current browsers were designed in a different era of the web when we weren’t all frequently accessing heavy, interactive applications. VIA


Last night I installed Chrome but did not feel to play with it as I was forcing myself to write for the dissertation. My current Firefox is too nice to quit honestly. The first impressions of Chrome users all seem to be good and i may change mine too but for the moment Firefox 3.0 is really good enough to beat. We will see. Before some links on Chrome, here is Ethan’s post on-


Blogger “failures” in the Georgian war, and the rise of citizen propaganda

By Ethan

As Russia slowly pulls out of Georgia and the world of foreign policy wonks contemplates how the Olympics War will change the geopolitical map of the Caucuses, the world of citizen media is busily evaluating its (our?) own performance.

Two good friends have taken the blogosphere to task for its failures during the conflict. Rather than rise to the defense of Georgian, Russian, Ossetian and global bloggers, I wanted to take a look at their critiques and at the phenomenon of citizen media during the conflict and at the emergence of one of the interesting epiphenomena of citizen media: citizen propaganda…

US: New media makes an impact at political conventions

By Alisa Zykova

Since 2004, the number of new, "citizen-generated" media and reporters at the US political conventions has significantly increased. It has become more difficult to differentiate between independent bloggers and traditional ones as traditional media is adopting a "multi-platform" method, according to Media Shift‘s Mark Glaser.
"Perhaps the more interesting question is whether indie bloggers and new media folks are now becoming a part of the mainstream at the same time the mainstream is reaching out and using the tactics of the independents," says Glaser.

Campaign: Stop the war on Iran

By Hamid Tehrani

Description: Launched in 2006, Stop War on Iran is an international grasroots campaign of activists, scholars, clergy, veterans and other concerned individuals organized to oppose Washington’s alleged campaign of threats, sanctions, and demonization against the people of Iran.” Since the launch of the campaign, it has generated more than one million messages sent to President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, members of the House and Senate (from both parties), members of the press, and oil company executives.

Digital warfare between Georgia and Russia

By Tamara on youtube

Description: The conflict between Georgia and Russia extended to the digital landscape as Russia attempted to block the unprecedented blogging drive drawing in novices to the blogosphere, through which the Georgians reacted to the Russian invasion. The campaign from both sides extended to video advocacy (YouTube).

As the international debate continues, digital tools are providing much needed support and publicity to the humanitarian efforts.

Tools: blogs, videos, on-line petitions

World’s Best Presentation Contest 2008

One of the most popular web presentation services has announced their 2008 winners, with 2 of them being focused on climate and refugee issues.

Browsing With Google Chrome

By Philipp Lenssen

Google Chrome: Links to the Best Coverage

By Daniel Scocco on Browsers

Everyone seems to be talking about Google’s open source browser today huh? Instead of rambling on that as well, I will just give you some links so you can check what the fuzz is all about.

Here is a link to the comic book that Google used to introduce the project (yeah I find it weird as well, but hey its Google).

Here is a link to the official Google Blog, where they commented on the launch:

4 thoughts on “Here comes the Google browser- Chrome”

  1. I’m testing Chrome to see if it’s faster than Firefox; Google tends to roll out really well-tested software, so it shouldn’t be half bad in any case

  2. IE is going to offer users a chance to set IE to “private”, which will block Google’s Adwords advertising then Google Chrome born. Google Chrome is clean and fast. But I love Firefox.

  3. google chrome is nice as far as i have tested. But, besides making all these nice open source browsers, someone should fine a cure for obsessiveIEmania disorder.

  4. unfortunately, i could not use Chrome in my blogging. Maybe because of this damn Movable Type. Some copy-paste did not work, so for the moment, I am using Firefox.


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