Should I stay or should I go?*

* A Clash song.

Latif Demirci. 2 September 2008 Hürriyet VIA

RT Erdoğan: "you are attending the game in Erivan, ok? 

A. Gül: "oh I don’t know. Would that be right?


President Abdullah Gül shouldn’t hold back and go to Armenia. It is congruent with AKP policies and with the EU process. Turkey should end this blind hostility anyway. Concessions to ultranationalists did not work so far. There must be a progressive move. Let’s see what happens in a few days as Mr. Gül willdeclare his decision…

Should Gül go to Yerevan?

As President Abdullah Gül continues to consider whether to accept an invitation from his Armenian counterpart, Serzh Sarksyan, to go to Yerevan to watch a World Cup qualifying game between the national teams of the two countries, debates have intensified over the possible consequences of his Yerevan visit. 

Dribbling to the Armenian pitch

A high-level diplomatic and security delegation will be dispatched to Armenia this week, ahead of President Abdullah Gül’s trip to Armenia on Sept. 6 for the first-ever international football match

Solution can be reached at each level, Gül

The Armenian president’s invitation to a football match in Yerevan demonstrates the contribution to solving problems and ending misunderstandings that can be made at every level, the Turkish

Turk pres to accept the invitation of Sargsyan to visit Armenia: report

Turkish President Abdullah Gul has accepted an invitation from his Armenian counterpart to watch the World Cup qualifier between the Turkish-Armenian national teams in Yerevan as the Turkish Foreign Ministry said the visit would contribute to renewed relations between the two countries, Vatan daily reported on Saturday."

Will Gül travel to Armenia?

The Presidential Palace will make a statement soon and answer the “Will President Abdullah Gül travel to Armenia and watch the World Cup qualifying match between the Turkish and Armenian national teams?” question that has been waiting for an answer ever since Armenian President Serge Sarkisian extended an invitation to him some four weeks ago to watch the game together.Gül has reportedly decided to make a one-day trip to Armenia on Sept. 6 after the Turkish Foreign Ministry presented him last week with an evaluation report asserting that while there were some security concerns, turning down the invitation could give a wrong image to the world that Turkey did not have a peaceful approach towa

Normalize relations with Armenia

The war between Russia and Georgia has put Turkey in a difficult situation. Russia is Turkey’s foremost energy supplier and a major market for its goods and services. Georgia provides Turkey access to the energy resources and markets of the Caspian Sea region and Central Asia.


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