Here comes the pain- Ergenekon gang receives a serious blow in the 10th wave of arrests…

Police just retrieved buried weapons in a field in Gölbaşı, Ankara after finding a map in İbrahim Şahin’s house. Mr. Şahin had been a police special force chief. He was also tried in Susurluk trial but he "lost memory" then and he did not talk….



Weapons strengthen argument that Ergenekon is armed gang

The fact that countless amounts of weapons, including 73 hand grenades, numerous guns and rifles along with Kalashnikov and Kanas firearms, have been found up to this point during raids as part of the ongoing investigation into Ergenekon, a shady network of groups and individuals accused of plotting to overthrow the government, strengthens the accusations that the gang has engaged in armed activities and assassinations.


Ret. generals, academics, journalists detained in Turkey’s Ergenekon

Turkish police have detained around 30 people on Wednesday in the latest investigation and detainment wave in the controversial Ergenekon case. There are three retired generals, two academic and a journalist are among those who are taken into custody.


Turkey ultranationalist probe widens

An investigation of ultranationalists suspected of plotting to destabilise Turkey’s government widened yesterday as police detained more than 30 people, including…

Is Dalan political wing’s ‘number one’?

By MAHMUT ÖVÜR on Turkish Press Review

When around one month ago (Dec. 4, 2008) we asked “Where is [former İstanbul Mayor Bedrettin] Dalan?” it elicited all sorts of reactions — especially from political circles. The focal point of the reactions was this question: “Is this column trying to imply something?” And since we had no legal documents on hand at the time, we were unable to provide a clear answer.

When law reaches for those ‘above the law’

By HASAN CEMAL on Turkish Press Review

Is it possible to say that the latest detentions in the Ergenekon case are a great reckoning of sorts? It is true that this is a kind of reckoning, or accounting for the past. But of what kind? I’ve been perusing opinions on this issue.

37 arrested in new ’Ergenekon’ wave in Turkey

ISTANBUL – With the Ergenekon trial progressing, detentions are continuing across the country as 37 more suspects are taken into custody. This round of high-profile detainees includes retired generals, former top academic and former head of the police’s anti-terror squad

Ergenekon a polItIcal tool, says opposition

ANKARA – The new wave of Ergenekon detentions, which included many high-profile jurists, angered opposition parties who seemed convinced the whole investigation had a political motive.

Turkish army discusses Ergenekon operation in an emergency meeting
Hürriyet, Turkey –

Turkish PM, army chief meet amid political tension | Reuters

The Judiciary’s Ergenekon Test

MILLIYET- The Ergenekon probe is getting bigger, like a rolling snowball. Yesterday’s news highlighted this.

Prominent public figures were taken into custody: former Board of Higher Education (YOK) Chairman Kemal Guruz, retired generals Tuncer Kilinc and Kemal Yavuz, former General Staff Judicial Counselor ret. Maj. Gen. Erdal Sener, Professor Yalcin Kucuk, and others."

Ilker Basbug, in which the commanders discussed the latest detainments in the so-called Ergenekon case. On Thursday the General Commander of Gendarmerie,

Meaning of the 10th wave of Ergenekon detentions

In Columnists

The detention of nearly 40 individuals on Wednesday, including seven retired generals, a former senior prosecutor and the former head of the Higher Education Board (YÖK), as part of the case against a shadowy crime network that has alleged links to the state has once again turned attention to one of Turkey’s most controversial issues — Ergenekon. The detentions, which were the 10th wave since the Ergenekon investigation was launched in the summer of 2007, have inevitably urged everyone to question what the meaning of the detention of such high-profile figures means for the course of the investigation.

Higher up in Ergenekon: moving closer to confrontation

In Columnists

The new wave of arrests on Wednesday, linked with the ongoing Ergenekon investigation, has served as a reminder of the magnitude of the case. Almost inevitably, it has shattered the country, immediately forcing a shift to attention from difficult issues such as Gaza and the economic crisis.

Manipulating Ergenekon by Emre Uslu & Önder Aytaç


İsmet Berkan, editor in chief of Radikal newspaper, rightly questioned the attempts at manipulation in the Ergenekon investigation and the trial. In his column, Berkan questions Sabah’s recent reporting that included part of a document showing that the key figure in the Ergenekon trial, Tuncay Güney, was an informant for the National Intelligence Organization (MİT).

Prominent names detained in Turkey’s Ergenekon probe

Over a hundred prominant Turks, including former judges, high ranking militiary officicals, academics and members of the media, have been detained or questioned in Turkey’s controversial Ergenekon probe. Here are some of the well-known names from the latest wave of the investigation.

Ergenekon suspects kicked me in prison’
Today’s Zaman, Turkey –

Some suspects in the Ergenekon trial have physically attacked each other, according to a suspect who testified before the İstanbul 13th High Criminal Court


ANKARA – Spurred into action by the latest round of arrests in the Ergenekon saga, the army brass are looking to get involved in a show of support for their detained comrades. As the chief of staff meets with the prime minister, the wives of other top officers mobilize.

Judiciary gears up for close look at Ergenekon

ANKARA – Jurists say the whole Ergenekon case has been conducted by committing several violations of provisions of the Penal Procedure Code. The Constitution’s Article 38 states illegally obtained evidence cannot be used in courts of law.

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