Introducing Turkish Cybersphere (2)

Part I was received well now comes the second part:

A very extensive conference on Internet will take place on 12-13 December at Bilgi U.
I-net 2009 program can be found here.

New design for Kreavitme – A successful markeing blog.

Özlem Hoşcan’s site/blog on marketing with an emphasis on social media.

A cool activistic art-work blog: İç Mihrak.

A list of Turkish shopping websites for the New Year Shopping spree:) HERE

Serdar Kaya’s Derin Sular is a great source for the critical philosophical and political issues related to Turkish Republican Establishment.

Cihan Salim writes about the absurdity of Turkish State’s attempt to build a search engine and he recommends her to provide cheaper web access service to begin with…

Turkish Sci-Fi fans has a FriendFeed group here. (in Turkish)

In this introductory thread fans discuss their favorites in novels and movies. Not particularly new stuff offered but I guess gradually new Sci-Fi stuff will be introduced.

Social bookmarking sites in Turkish.

A wiki project (at a glance at the first articles, the wiki has a nationalist political agenda…):
Turkipedia: Turkipedia is an online encyclopaedia about everything related to the Turkish world where anyone can edit. Please feel free to add new titles or edit existing ones.
Corporates also jump into social media.  A giant Turkish web service provider, Superonline, is in social media now (noted here):

Twitter, Friendfeed, Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Flickr Facebook

Blograzzi blog reviews blogs or sites in themes. It does not offer exhaustive lists but gives you an idea about major sites.

Blograzzi on Cinema blogs/sites.

Blograzzi on Sport blogs/sites. Acetoo Balsamico is particularly mentioned.

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