Anthropology and the Individual (A Material Culture Perspective)

In announcing this newly published volume,  Anthropology and the Individual, edited by one of the prolific anthropologists, Daniel Miller, I would like to congratulate a friend of mine, Magda Craciun who has just received her PhD degree! Dr. Craciun conducted her fieldwork in Istanbul among fake brand clothing producers and she contributed a chapter based on her fieldwork to this volume. Here is the table of contents:

Chapter One:  D. Miller ? Individuals and the Aesthetic of Order.

Chapter Two:  M. Crãciun- Trading in Fake Brands, self-creating as an individual.
Chapter Three: B. Olesen ? ?Making Things Come Out:?Design, Originality and the Individual in a Bogolan Artisan Community.
Chapter Four: D. Dalakoglou – Building and Ordering Transnationalism: The ‘Greek House’ in Albania as a Material Process
Chapter Five: D. Miller ? The Christian and the Taxi-driver: poverty and aspiration in rural Jamaica
Chapter Six: M. Murray ?How Madrid makes individuals.
Chapter Seven: H. Horst ? Aesthetics of the Self: Digital Mediations
Chapter Eight: I. Bajiæ – Unmaking Family Relationships Belgrade Mothers and their migrant children
Chapter Nine:  J. Botticello – Fashioning individuality and social connectivity among Yoruba women in
Chapter Ten:  A. Pertierra – Creating order through struggle  in revolutionary Cuba.
Chapter Eleven: G. Hosein – Food, Family, Art and God  Aesthetic authority in public life in Trinidad

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