"Blockage of EU environment chapter angers Turkey

Blockage of EU environment chapter angers Turkey

MADRID ? Hürriyet Daily News
Plans to open more negotiation chapters in the EU accession negotiations are being thwarted for political reasons and Turkish leaders are fuming. Turkey?s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, speaking to the Daily News in Spain, says it?s not understandable. ?We are criticized by the Europeans for not being fast enough, but is it because of us or them??”

According to a Boğaziçi University and Madrid U. survey made in 5 European countries, Hadise is the most known living Turk.

Newly set Schengen Visa complaint line for Turkish citizens: 0212 324 51 88-99

TOBB and ITO will be in charge of EU Information Offices in Turkey…

WPR Blog | France, Turkey and Sarkozy’s Strategic Vision

Rapprochement between Ankara, Teheran worries Brussels

from EurActiv.com
Policymakers and influential media warned that Turkey’s developing ties with Iran could be counterproductive to the EU’s efforts to convince Teheran that it should abandon its nuclear weapons programme.

“Turkey following Atatürk?s foreign policy, not pursuing neo-Ottomanism”

Professor Ali Arslan, a lecturer at the department of history at İstanbul University who specializes in the history of the Turkish Republic, says it is wrong to regard Turkey?s current foreign policy, which is geared toward the Middle East, as neo-Ottomanism as its current direction signifies a return to the foreign policy followed during the time of the country?s founder, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. ?The prime minister criticizes not the Israeli state, but the Israeli government,? he says, referring to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan?s recent remarks about Israel.

Netanyahu: Turkey not an honest mediator (Press TV)

from Yahoo news
The Israeli prime minister, angered by Turkey’s firm stance in supporting Palestinian rights, says the Muslim country is not an honest mediator.

‘Turkish Soft Power Changes Middle East’

from U.S.A.K. Blog

* Interview with Sedat Laciner on Turkey?s Expanding Foreign Policy by Kaitlin MacKenzie

Q – How does Turkey?s location impact its foreign policy?

Interview with Dr. Kamer Kasim on Turkish Foreign Policy

from U.S.A.K. Blog by USAK

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kamer Kasim, expert at the International Strategic Research Organization (USAK) and IR Lecturer at Abant Izzet Baysal University, weighs in on the importance of Turkish foreign policy in Central Asia and the Caucasus.

1.) Is Turkish foreign policy moving in a positive direction?

Turkey & Armenia: Don’t Hold Your Breath

from Istanbul Calling by Yigal Schleifer

Over at Eurasianet, Marianna Grigoryan gives a good update on how the recently-signed (though yet-to-be ratified) protocols to renew diplomatic relations between Ankara and Yerevan are progressing in Armenia. The bottom line? Very little progress is being made in getting the protocols even close to being ratified. From her piece:

Both Cyprus And The E.U.

Published: 11/17/2009

MILLIYET – Speaking at a ceremony in Lefkosa late week marking the 26th anniversary of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Deputy Prime Minister Cemil Cicek said that if some people are thinking that it’s ‘either Cyprus or the EU,’ Turkey’s choice will forever be the Turkish Cypriots, and everyone should understand this. What caused Cicek to say this? Must Turkey make such a choice? What did he mean by ‘some people’ and ‘everyone’? It seems his messages were meant for three different audiences. The first is the European Union. Actually one can’t say now that the EU has to make a choice between Cyprus and Turkey. But the Greek Cypriot administration is always trying to take advantage of its EU membership.”

Even Germany makes up for its mistake

It is not easy to conclude a conversation with a member of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), which unfairly opposes Turkey?s membership in the EU, without a fight or controversy.

Yunus Arıkan: Turkey can be key to opening Copenhagen deadlock

Yunus Arıkan, spokesman for the world’s cities on climate change, has said Turkey can be a key country in ending the deadlock at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 15) meetings in December in the Danish capital of Copenhagen, where the world will try to find a solution to climate change.

Nostalgia for the Ottomans: Disillusioned with Europe, Turkey Looks East – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International

Un islam compatible avec la République

by acturca

Libération (France), 13 novembre 2009, p. 25

Jean-François Bayart *

Lorsque Nicolas Sarkozy refuse l?adhésion de la Turquie au nom des ?frontières naturelles? de l?Europe, chacun comprend qu?il parle de ses ?frontières culturelles?. Et la culture de la Turquie est l?islam : il serait incompatible avec l?Europe, et même avec la République.

La Turquie a sa place dans une Europe politique

by acturca

Libération (France), 13 novembre 2009, p. 24

Michel Rocard * et Olivier Ferrand **

On ne peut nier l?évidence : les négociations d?adhésion de la Turquie à l?Union européenne provoquent un malaise en France. Mais le malaise de qui ? L?argument serait démocratique : ?les Français sont contre?, nous dit-on. Cela n?est pas aussi simple. Un sondage Ipsos, lors de l?ouverture des négociations en 2004, en avait donné la claire illustration. A la question ?êtes-vous favorable à une adhésion de la Turquie ??, la réponse est non à 56 %. Mais à la question ?si la Turquie fait les efforts politiques et économiques nécessaires, est-il possible d?imaginer son adhésion dans l?avenir ??, la réponse se renverse avec un oui à 63 %.

Turkey?s new foreign policy – Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review

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