Press freedom down: both in Turkey and in Europe

At least Turkey goes not contrary but in line with the EU States (!)

Turkey drops 20 ranks in Press Freedom Index
Today’s Zaman
The Ergenekon mindset also plays a crucial role in intimidating journalists in this country,? Cengiz said. ?There are over 40 press freedom-restricting……

Turkey Worsened Press Freedom Record

from Bianet :: English
Turkey fell back 20 places in this year’s RSF Worldwide Press Freedom Index. The country shares rank 122 together with the Philippines. The front-runners for press freedom are Denmark, Finland and Ireland. Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea bring up the rear of the index.

Press freedom in Europe: questioned in Italy and elsewhere

from Editors Weblog – all postings by Emma Heald

The European Parliament narrowly dismissed a resolution to rebuke Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi over media freedom in Italy, just as a Reporters Without Borders report noted that press freedom in several European countries, including Italy, has suffered dramatically in the past year.

Journalists Convicted for Criticizing Judge

from Bianet :: English
Selmi Yılmaz and Fakir Yılmaz, owner and editor-in-chief respectively of Kuzey Doğu Anadolu daily, have to pay 4,000 Turkish Lira in compensation. 2 Judges had filed a complaint about them, originally demanding 40,000 TL in compensation. The journalists are going to lodge an appeal against the decision.

Attacks against Journalists on the Rise

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The Turkish Journalists Society published a declaration against journalists’ increasing exposure to violence lately: “We will not hesitate to apply legal ways in order to seek the rights of our colleagues and we know it as our duty to inform the public”.

EU states downgraded in press freedom index

from – Headline News

Seventh Website Ban within One Month

from Bianet :: English

Access has been banned to the website which provides information and networking services for people constantly living abroad. The decision was taken by the Telecommunication Communication Presidency for reasons of “administrative measures”.

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