The ban itself sued, Petition campaign and web censorship in Turkish humor magazine covers.

More than 6 thousand sites are banned in Turkey...
More than 6 thousand sites are banned in Turkey...

Academic asks Turkish court to overturn Myspace and blocking decisions

Yaman Akdeniz, an Associate Professor of law at the Faculty of Law, Istanbul Bilgi University today (29 September, 2009) made an appeal to the Beyoğlu Criminal Court of Peace to overturn the blocking decision involving both and from Turkey. The blocking decision was enforced by the Turkish ISPs since Friday, 18 September, 2009 by the order of the Beyoğlu Chief Public Prosecutor?s Office (order no 2009/45 dated 26.06.2009).

Petition against Internet Censorship in Turkey here.

Cover page of Penguen magazine’s latest issue satirizes the ban.
and these are from the older covers that were related to previous bans…

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