Live and notes from "Netdaş" [Netizen] meeting at Istanbul Bilgi U.

Netdaş is a Friendfeed group that is organized by Turkish netizens to challenge web censhorship issues in Turkey. This has been the most qualitative blogger/web  producer meeting. Still, it could be more productive. Anyways, here is a few notes:

Presentation by Özgür Uçkan can be found here.

Check out this book on access issues in Turkey:  İnternet Girilmesi Tehlikeli ve Yasaktır İMAJ YAYINCILIK Yaman Akdeniz/ Kerem Altıparmak

Article 5651. This Turkish penal code article was intended to fight with child porn. However, with the latest addition of “insult to Atatürk”; authorities used it to extend web censorship. Netizens should be careful about new law makings. It always starts innocently but then manipulated.

Newly emerging Copyright law is modelled upon a similar French law (HADOPI) which is more punishing than British and American laws [unsurprisingly French attitude]

A very long discussion on what to use: user, producer or consumer? web user seems to be preferred.

“We have to go beyond the mentality of banners. Old distinctions of producer/consumer may not apply to web usage”. [Hell yeah, isn’t that apparent? We spent to much about it…]

How to organize? It is early to be institutional.

Funding issues has to be thought about. It is serious.

[Well, Erkan is tired. It is already 3 hours. Netizens should be better at time discipline:)]

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