Hard times for Obama

Obama, who has won the rhetorical propaganda war, is now losing it. Accusations to him are incohere but who cares? Looks like Republicans are striking back:)

Some Obama Foes Are Indeed Racists

by Eugene Robinson

Obama’s Worldwide Star Power Finds Limits

by Michael D. Shear and Howard Schneider

Eight months into his presidency, Barack Obama has become a global celebrity, far more popular abroad than he is at home and sometimes eclipsing foreign leaders among their own people.

What I wrote last year about candidate Barack Obama — that to win he had to be seen as “the least-aggrieved black man in America” — may be even more relevant now. To lead this diverse and fractious nation effectively, the president has to negotiate racial issues with delicacy, caution and tact. He has to give even his most vocal critics the benefit of the doubt.

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