Freedom in Less than 48 Hours!


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  1. Bravo! Hope you have some time off before returning to work. Please, tell me, did you learn anything worthwhile during your army stage? Not talking about abstract philosophical terms, here. Was it a profitable time in your practical sum of knowledge? Just curious to know why a non-soldier has to go through a military training unless his country is at war. All the best.

  2. @hans: party time, any time now! 🙂
    @claudia: it is a total waste of time, there is absolutely no need to take Erkan in to the barracks. It is only a show of force by the State and the Army that cries out “hey you are our male citizen, we would like to remind you that from time to time” 🙂

  3. Thank you for your honest answer. Exactly what I was thinking, Erkan. It’s probably not done to the young women because your Army might be misogynist. But it’s a blessing in disguise for them. Well, at least, you were able to do some reading. So, in spite of it all, your mind was fed. It’s good to see you back.

  4. Good to hear that you are not brainwashed Erkan…))
    Lost your GSM no..((
    Send me a SMS…will organize something..!

  5. In fact, my ideas about the military are now confirmed. I am beyond brainwashing. Wait for my article on Turkish military;)

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