Uneventful two weeks.

Oh boy, I could not find time to update my blog. Time passes so quickly when I am in the civilian life. Answering most of emails and facebook comments left me no time. Seeing my daily visits decrease to mere 25 kills me:)

My blog success disappears (!).

I have had an uneventful 2-week period. Things have been all right. I am reading intensively. That gives me real patience to continue. Now that I am left alone, apart from my basic duties, I keep reading whenever I find opportunity.

1. So much "phatic talk"

2. So much focus on sexuality. Phatic talk mostly turns around sexuality. What can you expect?

3. The "tick" problem.  CrimeanCongo haemorrhagic fever is a tangible problem here. We have to be careful.

Anyway, let me go back. Damn!


0 thoughts on “Uneventful two weeks.

  1. Erkan,
    Sounds as if your life has improved to an extent. Your readers will return in due time, when you are able to update. It is getting closer every day.

  2. Good to hear you can read a lot. Not long now…September is coming. You’ll be free. Hurrah! And I’ll be officially one year older. Damn!

  3. Erkan,
    Today exac tly 2 months left? Istanbul is extreme dry and hot…in that sense you don’t miss a lot.)!

  4. dearest erkan,
    I like the sound of the word – uneventful. far better than passing “eventful” days I guess when you are doing military service.
    Bu arada a belated gecmis olsun! Glad you feel better now and back to reading. September feels right at the door, come back soon; I have a project to handle with ya!!
    all the very best,

  5. I love y’all. I feel even better. And yes in military life everything you know in civilian life gets the reverse effect. Better to have uneventful days and eventful days!

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