Beşiktaş Champion and I am still living the nightmare…

It was a very upsetting night. Beşiktaş became the  champion and I could not feel happy because of the conditions I was in.

I find myself in the best internet cafe of the town in this Saturday morning and relying on I try to relax in listening to Lamb of God and Manowar. These are what I chose for this session. Nothing special… But particularly Manowar sounds very good, makes me feel better right now. This is the one day 9-17 break in 2 weeks. Other stations have weekly breaks but ours only in 2 weeks. [Now I move to listening to "Running Wild".] [finally Meshuggah, before I leave, before I post…]

Unfortunately, nothing much changed since the last break. They are so unpredictable that you cannot routinize my experience. In fact, there have been some changes. Yesterday, I was fired my my office work because the office was not tidy enough. Now, I will be totally an ordinary soldier. I will have at least 6 hours of watch duties. There are probably lots of cleaning tasks and of course patroling duties. That’s all right. I was just too stressful in the office work, always subject to officials’ watch and warnings. Not to mention insults by some.

I am still waiting for a transfer with diminishing hopes. Well, I have lost motivation to write. Let’s hope for a better post next time.

p.s. I received a card from Kathrine (Jensen) and a letter from Prof. Nezih Erdoğan! These were sweet, they made my day. Let’s pray for a good transfer and I will post my address again.

7 thoughts on “Beşiktaş Champion and I am still living the nightmare…

  1. All your friends thinking of you and praying for a good transfer, Erkan. Take care, dear friend.

  2. Dear Erkan,
    Post your address again.
    Will send you something from another part of Europe.)

  3. I was disheartened to return to your blog after a year of not reading it to find you were doing your military service. Equally despressing was hearing about your ‘demotion’. Geçmiş olsun. My thoughts are with you. As I live in Istanbul now, whenever you comethrough you should contact me.

  4. Hang in there. We’re all waiting along with you, holding our collective breath. Perhaps some anthropological distance will help you maintain your sanity in what might appear to be chaos. Remember, it’s a rite of passage. You’re in the liminal phase. There has to be pain.

  5. Hope that you can get a tranfer to a different post and good to hear you got the card.
    I hope that the fact that the army experience is at least time limited and will end can keep you going.
    Take care

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