Court decides to wait to merge Council of State attack, Ergenekon link

I came across a video of media footage on the 1995 Gazi Incident. It has yet to be proven if this was a work of Ergenekon gang. 

It is also alleged that those detained were involved in provocation and agitation during the Gazi incidents of 1995, when tens of people died in clashes with the police in demonstrations after an attack at an Alevi coffeehouse in the neighborhood.[*]



Protests after the Gazi massacre in 1995

In the mean time, 

Court to wait for opinion on Ergenekon merger

The Ankara 11th High Criminal Court hearing the case on the 2006 attack on the Council of State, which left a senior judge dead, announced yesterday that it will wait for another court’s decision before it rules to merge the case with the ongoing Ergenekon trial in İstanbul.


The fading myth of the military

In Columnists

The investigation into Ergenekon is approaching a critical juncture. Up until now, the crucial question has been whether or not the case would reach the top echelons of the military, allegedly involved in plotting two military coups and clandestine activities aimed at overthrowing the government during the tense period of 2003-2004.

Why is the DTP uneasy over the Ergenekon probe?

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I spent most of last week in the southeastern provinces. I have been to Diyarbakır, Batman, Mardin and a number of local districts. Frankly, I was happy to see that the observations we make in İstanbul about the politics of the region largely correspond to the realities on the ground.

Court decides on Council of State attack, Ergenekon link

Today’s Zaman, Turkey
The Ankara 11th High Criminal Court will hand down its decision today to either approve or deny a request to merge a case concerning an attack on the Council of State with the currently ongoing Ergenekon trial in Istanbul. In December of last year,

What a pity for the inept coup plotters! by Eser Karakaş

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When I stand back and watch everything that is happening, I am struck by the sense that great injustices have been done to the inept, unsuccessful coup-plotters.

What kind of media or what kind of mind? (1)

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This is the recurring question in the notes taken by the columnist and Ankara bureau chief of daily Cumhuriyet, Mustafa Balbay, recording conversations with putschist generals in 2003 and 2004.

Balbay’s journals and journalism

By VATAN OKAY GÖNENSİN on Turkish Press Review

The main subject in Mustafa Balbay’s journals is the debate over how the ruling political party should be removed. And those who entered into this debate with this journalist are top-level members of the military.

Two characters: Özkök and Tolon

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Whatever is inside a clay pot seeps into the clay walls. Every person reflects their personality and engages in activities that fit their character. "Coup-ism" is the same way.

Still downplaying Ergenekon?

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Notes kept by Cumhuriyet daily Ankara Representative and columnist Mustafa Balbay concerning his meetings with generals between 2002 and 2005 which reveal the generals’ preparations to stage a coup have sparked fresh debates on the course of the Ergenekon trial.

If everyone does their own job

By MİLLİYET HASAN CEMAL on Turkish Press Review

The tradition of military coups and retired Gen. Şener Eruygur-like pashas is the product of a "structure" within the military.

Why didn’t they succeed this time?

By STAR MUSTAFA ERDOĞAN on Turkish Press Review

The latest information we have as a result of the continuing investigation into Ergenekon shows us just what sorts of calamities even Turkey’s modest little democracy has managed to sidestep in recent years.

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