Fabian Ernst gives us peace

 Fabian Ernst joined Besiktas in the beginning of February. Nobody expected much from him but this defensive midfielder gives us confidence. From the outset, he empowered BJK’s midfield; we are just too happy. I haven’t been following Beşiktaş as much as I used to, but now more than ever I feel more peace in our games having Ernst guarding our midfield. Thanks man! I hope you will do even better…


2 thoughts on “Fabian Ernst gives us peace”

  1. I totally agree with Christian.. then again, Fabian is one unique warrior. Whenever I’m in the stadium, watching the billboard for the team squads; I always feel the same confidence. Every one of us know no matter what he will try his best on the field.

    Fabian Ernst! Der Panzer vom Bosphorus!


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