Warm days for US-Turkey relations

Clinton’s visit and then Obama’s would be visit in a month are perceived as a sign for better days between these two countries. It is yet to be seen whether Mr. Obama will take Turkey to talk to Islamic World. I believe it is still early to think Turkey as the heart of Islamic World. Turkey’s new foreign policy aims at that but Turkey is still alien to most of the Islamic World. But who will represent the "Islamic World"? Saudi Arabia is moving to the leadership of Middle Eastern Arabic countries but that does not represent Islamic World itself. An Islamic World possible? There certainly a problem of representation…

Obama says ’Yes we can’ to Turkey

ANKARA – US Secretary of State Clinton’s visit promises a ’good beginning’ for Washington and Ankara, as the NATOallies develop a real strategic partnership. This new era will be heralded by US President Obama’s visit to Turkey, expected next month

Obama Trip to Include Turkey Visit

By Scott Wilson

President Obama will visit Turkey at the end of his European trip next month, a decision that reflects the moderate Muslim nation’s central place in his emerging diplomatic approach to the Islamic world.

The meaning of Obama’s visit to Turkey

In Columnists

In a move that surprised many, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who paid a working visit to Turkey on Saturday, announced that newly elected US President Barack Obama will pay a visit to Turkey within a month.

Obama in Turkey!

In Columnists

I must admit that I was caught by surprise. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s announcement during her visit to Ankara that President Barack Obama will visit Turkey next month is a crucial turning point in Turkish-American relations.

Interview With Mehmet Ali Birand of Kanal D TV

Obama visit to bolster ties with Turkey

Barack Obama will visit Turkey next month, making what is likely to be his first appearance in a Muslim country since his inauguration as US president

"Come and Join us", Madame Secretary

By yuvakuran

March 8, 2009,Diplomatic Memo,In Her Travels, Duality of Clinton Emerges,By MARK LANDLER

ANKARA, Turkey — On the road with Hillary Rodham Clinton, two distinct secretaries of state are emerging: the loose, unscripted politician who roamed Asia’s neighborhoods and schools, and the tightly controlled diplomat who marched through the Middle East.

Some notes on arrest warrant issued against Omar Hassan al-Bashir

By Internation Musing

Formally the arrest warrant issued against Omar Hassan al-Bashir is the next step in the legal process against the Sudanese president, who was indicted by the International Criminal Court prosecutor in July 2008 for war crimes and crimes against humanity. But in reality, the first arrest warrant against a serving head of state, issued on Wednesday by the ICC in The Hague, is a political move.

Turkey warms to Clinton’s candor | csmonitor.com

Beautiful American

By Turkish Digest

"Beautiful American
Published: 3/9/2009

MILLIYET- I’m sure US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton boosted the US image in Turkey. Obviously, she’s a smiling and warm person. So what about her background? After attending her meetings, Ahmet Davutoglu, a top foreign policy advisor to the prime minister, said that Clinton had first gained great political experiences as the first lady, then as senator, and finally as a presidential candidate. Davutoglu added that she had long been interested in foreign policy and that her power comes not from her name, but her background.

Euronews to launch Turkish service in 2010

TV channel Euronews will launch its ninth language version – Turkish – in January 2010, in partnership with Turkey’s national public broadcaster, TRT. Philippe Cayla, president of the executive board of Euronews, gave EurActiv more details yesterday (3 March).

65% of Turkish Society Support Turkey’s EU Membership Process

Local actors to step in for Turkey’s EU journey

BRUSSELS – A new project aims at bringing local actors into the picture for Turkey’s European Union accession bid that has largely remained under the government’s monopoly so far. Another goal is to make sure the general public is aware of what full membership would mean for Turkey

Turkey’s new mission by SHLOMO BEN-AMI

In Op-Ed

TEL AVIV — Ever since Turkey’s establishment as a republic, the country has oscillated between the Western-oriented heritage of its founder, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and its eastern, Ottoman legacy.

Turkey, Israel in secret talks for swift end to diplomatic crisis – report

Israel and Turkey have been involved in quiet but intensive talks to end the "crisis" between the two countries, Haaretz daily reported on Thursday.

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