Hillary Clinton in town!

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Public sensitivity criteria for using Turkish territory

ISTANBUL – The use of Turkish ports for the U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq appears to be one of the most important items in the agenda of the Foreign Secretary Hillary Clinton’s visit to Ankara this weekend.

Olmaaaz… One minute, one minute Secretary Clinton!

The headline on this column Madam Secretary, I will concede, suffers from what is now pretty much cliche here in Turkey. But the thought occurs to me that it might net me just a minute of your time this Saturday morning.

New era in Turkish-American relations

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With the new US administration assuming office under Barack Obama, an opinion has been formed that Turkish-American relations are going to be improved.

Hillary’s Turkey visit and genocide claims

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The Clinton family is quite familiar with the Turkish people, especially those whose loved ones suffered from the devastating 1999 earthquake in western Turkey, during which more than 20,000 people died.

Hillary’s View and Turkey

The EU Comes Hillary-Approved

By Dave Keating

This afternoon’s town hall meeting with Hillary Clinton at the European Parliament was quite interesting to watch. I think it’s safe to say that no visiting diplomat from the US has delivered such high-profile, specific, and glowing praise of the EU institutions and the integration project. It was as if Clinton was giving the EU her "seal of approval," something which could prove to be important in Ireland, where Clinton remains popular because of the Clinton administration’s Northern Ireland work.
Clinton to Appear in a Women’s Talk Show on Turkish TV as a Way of Combating Anti-Americanism – The Jamestown Foundation

Notes for Hillary Clinton

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Madame Secretary: In many ways, Turkey is not the same as the Turkey of 1999, when you visited earthquake-hit areas with your husband, Bill Clinton. You will recall that in those days you received a heroes’ welcome, drenched in the flood of sympathy.

‘Genocide’ law threatens US ties with Turkey

The US Congress is renewing a push on legislation that Turkey has warned could devastate Washington’s ties with one of its staunchest Nato allies

Turkish-Armenian issue: Not this time by DOĞAN KOÇ

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With the month of April approaching, Armenian pressure on the US Congress is increasing. Last year, the Armenian lobby was able to pass a resolution (from the House Committee on Foreign Affairs) labeling the Armenian deaths in 1915 as genocide. However, contrary to her previous statements House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not bring the resolution to a full vote in the House.

Clinton sees US and EU leading the world

There is a leadership crisis in the world and America and the European Union must take the lead in addressing it, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told an audience of young Europeans in Parliament today (6 March).

Clinton aims to renew Turkey ties

In Europe

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in Turkey for talks aimed at rebuilding an alliance strained in recent years.

Clinton on European charm offensive

The US secretary of state conquered the hearts of Europe on Friday at a ‘town hall’ meeting where her emphasis on thoughtful diplomacy and avoidance of threatening language made her sound almost European

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