In another Sunday afternoon…

I feel terribly unproductive and thus unhappy and trying to get hold of me. Doing some reading for the next lecture, reading the new newspaper, Haber Turk, whose first issue is released today, getting depressed under the heavy workload for the month March..

In the mean time, 

A little while ago I was invited to a panel on Hate crimes. Bahçeşehir University is involved in a research in Hate speech funded by British Foreign & Commonwealth Office
The project has a website, not much found but still gives you an idea:

Welcome to our website “Shared Values – A Shared Future ”. Supported and maintained by Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi, this web page is dedicated to finding out the appropriate and necessary steps to prevent extremism and excessiveness and to promote and improve mutual understanding by means of discussion and expression on a common ground.

I met Mustafa Acungil, who has a high position in Microsoft Turkey. Our encounter had nothing to do with Microsoft, it was personal and through a dear friend. He has several web appearences in terms of blogging and focuses on self-help issues. But his blog under his own name focuses on technical issues and i could have no idea what he talks about:) 

His other blogs include (all in Turkish):

From the Turkish cybersphere, I should mention Alkışlarla Yaşıyorum site, (web site name means "I live by Applause", an old Zeki Müren song), a site dedicated to nostalgic Turkish pop culture. Videos or postcastings… It may not be relevant to many non-Turkish speakers but worth looking anyway..

And Mavi Boncuk has an excellent post: 

Web takes over Newspapers, Movie theaters and the TV

By M.A.M

Due to the massive increase in online piracy, many non US countries are adopting a new policy of Showing episodes more quickly to prevent this.In spite of the illegal downloads, total TV viewing has increased by 5 per cent on last year which means that more people are watching TV, and watching it for longer. Internet piracy via file-sharing networks accounts for the majority of these losses, with about $33m in lost consumer spending. This situation is an obvious result of broadband use and freely available torrents, p2p networks and illegal uploading of tv and movie files, and gives the major studios a major headache.

Mavi Boncuk then gives a list of: 

Web sites for watching Turkish TV series and Films
Web sites for watching Films


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