Recep İvedik 2: An anti hero.

Rİ2 tries to be as vulgar, as kitsch, as obscene as possible and brutally teases our emerging urban consumption practices. It is a blow to now dominant social conservatism around here whose one consequence is, for instance, to accuse a documentary-film about Atatürk because it demonstrates he was a heavy drinker. This episode is even better than the first one in its assaults against the new urban life styles. But I would still not claim that it is an anti-consumerist statement. It is a fine example of self-teasing and a representative of what we do not want anymore, what we left behind…

His idyllic life in an old and poor neighbourhood (opening scene is a good shot of a street life there) is disrupted by his grandmother’s 3 requests: Find a job, gain respect from the community and find a wife.

The movie deserves a higher rating than the movie snobs think. 

1 thought on “Recep İvedik 2: An anti hero.”

  1. well, i dont consider myself as a movie snob but i definitely think this movie is a worthless combination of some moving pictures which hardly fits in the “film” criteria. sahan can make miracles in 30 second commercials, and maybe 5 minutes parodies, but not a 2 hour long moving pictures which doesnt even have a decent plot.


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