Registration week begins…and Erkan offers some weblinks…


The busiest week begins at Bilgi. That is, the course registration week. I got up at 8 am and I have slept only three hours. It is always good to recognize how good the early morning is but then you got up late again whenever you find the opportunity… Anyway, this week i am all tied up to my office.

In the mean time, one of my most loyal readers, Christian Runkel decided to blog in English. His German blog was inaccessible. Google translation is helpful but still one needs to read immediately. Anyway, Christian, keep up the English blogging!

The great EU blogger Nosemonkey has some advices for new EU-focused bloggers here

The webmasters of Art Market Online requested me to announce the launch of their website a while ago. It looks interesting, have a look. 

An old friend of mine, Vanessa Able, a freelancer journalist, lives in Mexico City now and she has great photos in her newly designed home page.

Here is a great list of Open Source software for Windows. 

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