Erkan looks at Turkey's news channels…

As a news junkie, I may live in the right country. At the moment, there are at least 6 TV channels that specialize in news, that they call themselves as news channels.
After bought by Ciner Group, which is heading towards to rebuild its media conglomerate and possibly becoming the second biggest one again, Haberturk became my favorite. In hard news, in breaking news, i guess they invest and succeed more than all others.

NTV used to be my favorite since I arrived back to Istanbul in summer 2004. No other channel could challenge them. However, the channel began to introduce some very good talk shows and football programs etc- and it also plays for the high cultural consumption such as Sunday classical music concert programs- gradually although its ratings rose, it lost its power a little bit as a news breaker.

Kanal 24 as a hard news channel is trying hard and I rely on them more and more.

TGRT Haber is a full time news channel. Their style is a bit boring and but they are better at local news.

Sky Turk is never my first choice. But they sometimes offer better and additional coverage.

Ah poor CNN Turk. It is a proper news channel but always remained under the shadow of NTV and now it has more rivals and it never excites me. Despite the CNN partnership, it has a low profile in Turkey…

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