"Love for America returns

There were several inauguration parties in Istanbul. Some Turks were as excited as pro-Obama Americans…

Love for America returns

By Joerg Wolf

The Washington Post has learned that Americans are feeling the love from around the world:

With Obama’s Election, Expatriates Say, There’s a New Attitude Abroad. Instead of Challenges on Iraq and WMDs, They’re Met With Hugs and Good Wishes.


Goodbye Mr. Bush, we will never miss you by MUSTAFA ACAR

Dear George W. Bush,
I have to say a few words now that you are no longer in office. Please accept this as a farewell message you have deserved for a long time.



Turkish-American Relations in the Obama Presidency



* Interview with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sedat Laciner, head of the USAK

By Muzaffer VATANSEVER, jtw

The director of the Ankara-based Turkish think tank USAK Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sedat Laciner evaluates the future of the Turkish-American Relations under the Obama administration.

* Question 1: How do you evaluate the future of Turkish-American relations under the Obama administration?

S.L.: "During the Bush presidency, the relations between Turkey and US were severely damaged. The Washington administration has an immense responsibility in this case. Turkey gave full support to the US’ combat against terror. In this regard, Ankara sent Turkish soldiers to Afghanistan and acted in accordance with its Western allies in order to capture the militants of Al-Qaeda in Turkey or anywhere. Meanwhile, Turkey undertook a constructive role in the Middle East problems. However, when the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) rejected the US’ request to base US troops in Turkey for an assault on Iraq on March 1, 2003, the US’ Turkey policy was completely changed. As a result, Washington started to implement a punishment strategy against Turkey. Turkey is a democratic country and the government must implement its policies in line with the decisions of the parliament. The Turkish Government sincerely wanted to pass the 1 March Parlaiment Note to allow the US troops to use Turkish territories, yet the Government had no option but to implement the taken decision."

Obama and the world’s expectations

In Columnists

Barack Hussein Obama took the oath of office as the 44th president of the United States at an impressive ceremony yesterday amid soaring hopes and great expectations for his presidency.

Obama’s challenges as he steps in

In Columnists

President Barack Obama’s performance will be defined by the widening global economic crisis more than anything else. How to overcome the current global financial and surging economic crisis will be discussed at the Group of 20 meeting, which will be held in London on April 2.

Barack Obama’s triple test, Pervez Hoodbhoy

In Pervez Hoodbhoy

The new United States president faces challenges in almost every area of the world. The most urgent and unavoidable are Palestine-Israel, Iran, and Pakistan-Afghanistan.

First, a Palestinian state side-by-side with Israel must become Barack Obama’s top foreign-policy priority. The longer the Palestinians remain a displaced people, the more dangerous the world becomes. Over time, Palestine has acquired the status of a cause celebre for political Islam and a symbol of America siding with the powerful against the weak. Unless the Palestinians are seen to get a modicum of justice, the entire middle east is doomed to eternal cycles of violence and destruction.

The global future: Obama’s agenda , Simon Maxwell

By david hayes on USA

The inspiring and moving oratory of Barack Obama has become a prominent part of the soundtrack of political life in the world as well as the United States during his long march to the presidency. Now, after his inauguration, the real business starts.

Barack Obama: hope, fear…advice, openDemocracy

In visions & reflections

We asked some of our authors around the world to respond to the following:

"About the Barack Obama administration, please tell us:

1 one thing you hope for

2 one thing you fear

3 one piece of advice you would give"

El legado de George W. Bush

By Francisco Veiga

Un gesto que ya es historia Dentro de pocas horas, Barack Obama tomará posesión como 44º presidente de los Estados Unidos de América y la presidencia de George W. Bush será ya historia, definitivamente. Pero su legado permanecerá. Nos guste o no, costará mucho tiempo restañar heridas. Resulta muy significativo el hecho de que, desde Europa y otras regiones del mundo

As Obama says, ’I do,’ Turks ask, ’Will he?’

By Grassroots

"As Obama says, ’I do,’ Turks ask, ’Will he?’
ISTANBUL – Turks’ belief in Obama’s ability to improve US relations around the world has risen in the last six months, a poll shows, but Turkish experts question if the new president is savvy enough to fulfill his promises. The change in public opinion is proof of Turkey’s social flexibility, one observer says"

Conflicts freeze as Obama takes office

As Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States in a ceremony watched by billions worldwide yesterday (20 January), two conflicts came to an end, sending a message to the new leader of the world’s only remaining superpower.

Obama’s American dream makes Europe wonder

Europeans appear to be dazed and confused about the United States’ decision to elect a symbol of change to the White House. Some wish their own societies were capable of similar breakthroughs, but others are sceptical of President-elect Barack Obama’s ability to bring about real change, reveals a round-up of contributions from the EurActiv network.

MAIN FOCUS: A speech of symbolic power | 21/01/2009


After the swearing in of the new US President Barack Obama, the European press comments on the sense and the symbolism of his in

augural address.

MAIN FOCUS: Obama becomes president | 20/01/2009


Barack Obama will be sworn in today as the 44th president of the United States. Seldom has a newly elected leader been so much in the spotlight.

Obama’s Challenge

By Reflection Cafe

David Brooks
International Herald Tribune
January 20, 2009

In 1962, Daniel Bell published a book called "The End of Ideology." The title struck a nerve because it reflected the view, common at the time, that the United States was about to leave behind the brutal, ideological politics that had characterized the 1930s and the early Cold War. The 1960s, it was believed, would be a decade of cool pragmatism. Keynesian models would be used to scientifically regulate the economy. Important decisions would be made empirically.

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