"Turks circumvent YouTube ban

 I have been using Ktunnel or similar sites to access Youtube.  A few days ago, we replaced a systems file – I do not how to describe it in proper technical terms- and now I can directly access YouTube! Until the next phase of web censorship, I guess…


Turks circumvent YouTube ban – The National Newspaper

Turks circumvent YouTube ban – The National Newspaper

Thomas Seibert, Foreign Correspondent
Last Updated: January 16. 2009 9:30AM UAE / January 16. 2009 5:30AM GMT

ISTANBUL // Two months ago, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s prime minister, stunned the public by admitting that he has joined hundreds of thousands of his fellow citizens in doing something that the country’s courts say is forbidden: watch clips on the internet video portal YouTube.

Commenting on a decision by the main secular opposition party to accept women in strict Islamic clothing into its ranks for the first time, Mr Erdogan told reporters accompanying him on an official visit to India in November they should ‘get on YouTube’.

EU – Safer Internet programme 2009 – 2013 published

By admin on EU

EU – Safer Internet programme 2009 – 2013 published: “(EUR-Lex)
OJ L 348 of 24 December 2008. Decision No 1351/2008/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 December 2008 establishing a multiannual Community programme on protecting children using the Internet and other communication technologies. PDF

Hacking Godfather ‘Maksik’ Sentenced to 30 Years by Turkish Court

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Hacking Godfather ‘Maksik’ Sentenced to 30 Years by Turkish Court: “A Ukrainian cybercrime lord linked to virtually every major breach of U.S. retail networks in the past four years was sentenced this week to 30 years in prison by a Turkish court, on unrelated charges of hacking banks in that country, according to reports.

What Motivates Users to Get Active on Facebook?

By Nick O’Neill on Research

-Report Findings Table-Jesse Farmer led me to a pretty interesting report this morning title “Feed Me: Motivating Newcomer Contribution in Social Network Sites“. The report is a collaboration between Cameron Marlow and Thomas Lento, researchers at Facebook, and Moira Burke of Carnegie Mellon University. The purpose of the report is to explore what motivates users on Facebook to become more active. Below I’ve listed out the hypotheses, testing methods, and the findings.

Why Do You Delete Your Facebook Friends?

By Nick O’Neill on Friend Etiquette

-Facebook Friend Removal Prompt-Over the weekend I got in a conversation with someone who started talking about how they regularly remove their Facebook friends. I turned to others to ask if they did the same, and sure enough they admitted to regularly removing friends. Last week I received an email from someone who said they went through and purged hundreds of friends who they no longer talked to. They also said that it was an extremely therapeutic process.

Music Piracy Not That Bad, Industry Says

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Post from: TorrentFreak

Music Piracy Not That Bad, Industry Says: “

Every year, RIAA’s global partner IFPI publishes a digital music report, which can be best described as a one sided view of the state of digital music consumption. For several years in a row the report has shown that the sales figures of digital music have gone up, but still, the industry continues to blame piracy for a loss in overall revenue.

Running cyburbia: Internet and local governance in Subang Jaya

By John Postill on USJ

A few years ago I became involved in a debate about the governance of a web portal in Subang Jaya, the Kuala Lumpur suburb where I carried out fieldwork in 2003-2004. The portal, named USJ.com.my, has had a brief but eventful history. Founded in 1999, its community forums boast (as of 6 January 2009) over 20,000 threads, 314,517 posts and close to 23,000 members. The lingua franca is Malaysian English, and it is undoubtedly the busiest and most influential forum of its kind in Malaysia. To me as an anthropologist –and to any other computer user with web access and knowledge of English – the lively forum and its archive are a treasure trove of local knowledge and activism. From traffic woes to classic jokes, from governance to gossip, from eating out to campaigning for Chinese schools, there is no dearth of topics at USJ.com.my.

Webzines before the blogosphere existed: the story of Maxi

By molly wright steenson

(Stepping out of pneumatic tube land and moving forward about 115 years into the major project I did in the 1990s…)

Last week, I attended the opening discussion for A Few Good Zines: Dispatches from the Edge of Architectural Production at Columbia’s Studio X in New York. The discussion veered–maybe overmuch–into one about format: online, offline? Broadsheet, stapled, saddle stitched? Can a website be a zine at all?

Revealed: the environmental impact of Google searches

Security Issues Plague Twitter

Twitter has been hit by a series of security issues lately. The latest was a hack of 33 Twitter accounts that saw fake message posted on the Twitter accounts of popular Twitter users including Barack Obama, Britney Spears, Rick Sanchez (pictured on the right) and Facebook. You can see some of the hacked account images here on Flickr.

Tactic: Mobile phones promote HIV awareness

By Talia Whyte on Tactics

Description: New media has been used to promote HIV/AIDS awareness in recent years. Mobile phones have become an easy and accessible way to reach out to vulnerale populations on such health matters. Rachel Jones, an educator at Rutgers University’s College of Nursing, developed a campaign with actors and scripts to demonstrate safer sex and condom use through a series of soap opera segments that can be viewed on mobile phones.

Digital Tools Being Used: Mobile Phones

Which Google Products Make Money?

By Philipp Lenssen on Search

Below overview checks which Google products directly make money for Google in terms of being paid for by the user, or having ads or affiliate links. Indirect effects on revenues (as well as some other things) are disregarded for this purpose, but not because the effects are necessarily neglible.* The table is just an estimate – if you see ommissions or misses please comment and I’ll update the table.

20 Ways Facebook Can Make Billions

By Nick O’Neill on Revenue

-Cash Money Icon-Following up on my article from yesterday afternoon where I suggested that Facebook should begin focusing on monetization, I figured it would be a good time to suggest at least 20 ways that Facebook could make billions. While I’m critical of the company’s existing monetization strategy, the company is clearly growth oriented and they are in the enviable position of figuring out a way to make billions of dollars. Below are a few ways that we’ve come up with for Facebook to make money.

Google’s Real Fight in China

By Michael Liang Zhang & Yan Luo on Search

Michael Liang Zhang is the assistant managing editor of Global Entrepreneur magazine, where this article originally appeared in Chinese language in November 2008. Michael, whose own “20% percent project” is a blog focusing on Apple, followed Google China’s story for three years now and has interviewed many of Google China’s employees. Yan Luo is a reporter of Global Entrepreneur magazine. She covered the internet and venture capitalist scene for the magazine for three years.

Enhancing Child Safety & Online Technologies

In Book Reviews, Social Media

Yesterday, the Internet Safety Technical Task Force released the final report of the results of their work reviewing the risks that children and youth experience online, and evaluating different technical solutions for addressing these risks. The task force was led by John Palfrey at Harvard’s Berkman Center, working with Dena T. Sacco, danah boyd, Laura DeBonis, Jessica Tatlock, and a network of technology companies who have a stake in these issues.

The executive summary of the report provides a good high level summary of the findings of the task force, so I won’t recap that here, but I wanted to note just a few things that I found notable about the effort as a whole and the outcomes of the effort.

social networking in reverse

A quick note to point out LittleSis, an "involuntary Facebook of powerful Americans," a project of the Public Accountability Initiative funded by the Sunlight Foundation. It’s something like a networked telephone book of the rich and powerful: LittleSis aggregates publicly available information about America’s officials, both public and private. If you go to, for example, John McCain’s page, you can see information about the positions he’s served in, political fundraising committees that have raised money for him, and individuals who have given him money. Clicking on the names of any of those organizations will go to the LittleSis page about them, so one can see, for example, with whom McCain sits on the Readiness and Management Support Subcommittee. All of this information has been automatically gathered, but links to sources are given on all pages – the McCain information, for example, comes from GovTrack.us, watchdog.net, Project Vote Smart, the Congressional Biographical Directory, and FEC Disclosure Reports. Nor is it limited to politicians: one can learn that Steve Jobs was a Friend of Rahm Emanuel in 2004.

Campaign: Online Activists Want US Drug Reform

By Talia Whyte on the wire

obamadrug-reformDescription: As the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama nears, many Americans are putting together a wish list of the most pressing issues that they would like to see the Obama Administration work on first. While the war on terror continues to take up primary attention worldwide, America’s longest and most difficult war – the War on Drugs – has been given a back seat. However, with recent popular culture depictions of the drug trade and urban blight on the acclaimed show, The Wire (and Obama’s favorite TV show), some digital activists hope that with “change” in the White House, there will also be some change in how to approach this timely domestic issue.

Digital Tools Being Used: Facebook

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