"Why military intelligence fails to see what the police can see?

Why military intelligence fails to see what the police can see

By ALPER GÖRMÜŞ on Turkish Press Review

The most unique aspect of the latest detentions in the investigation into Ergenekon has been the disclosure that some military officers were engaged in shadowy activities while on active duty.

This state of constant exception and the Ergenekon investigation by ÜMİT KARDAŞ


Apart from the single party authoritarian regime, Turkey has, since the introduction of democracy, been experiencing a regime of repression and violence which claims to pay respect to the rule of law, but has with it a state of constant exception.

How does turkish media fit into Ergenekon?

In Columnists

Some groups have displayed an incredible change of attitude since the start of the Ergenekon investigation. They observe neither the universal rules of journalism nor the delicate criteria of democratic thought.

What would happen if they found the number one?

By ADEM YAVUZ ARSLAN on Turkish Press Review

"Who is the number one in all this?" This has been the most asked question since the start of the Ergenekon operation.

Where does Erdoğan stand in the Ergenekon case?

In Turkish Press Review

Ever since the launch, in the summer of 2007, of the investigation into Ergenekon, a shadowy and clandestine network suspected of plotting to topple the government, some circles have tried to present it as the ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AK Party) effort to crack down on its secular opponents, which have been challenging it since it came to power in 2002.

Bianet :: The Ergenekon Case: A Brief Summary

The digging has begun

By YILDIRIM TÜRKER on Turkish Press Review

They began their job digging in Ankara. And in Hatay. Just as we have said for years now, without tiring of repeating it, what this nation really needed was some diggers, since what the history of the Turkish Republic has been lacking for so long now has been some serious archeological exploration.

The Ergenekon debate spreads to Parliament

ANKARA – Ergenekon has begun to lose its credibility and has turned into a means of taking revenge by the government, say opposition parties. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in response says the CHP’s leader, Deniz Baykal, is an advocate of gangs and that he shouldn’t try to heap pressure on the courts or the legal system

ANALYSIS – Global aspects of the Ergenekon investigation in Turkey

ANKARA – It seems like the Ergenekon organization is now ownerless. But the main question is where this Ergenekon case should be positioned within the global conjuncture?

Ergenekon’s role in the delay of new counterterrorism unit

In Columnists

Several months ago I wrote that a new counterterrorism unit that is planned to be created under the Prime Ministry would not go beyond the cosmetic level because of the ongoing power struggle between the powerful, military-led secular elite and the government.

The broad context of the Ergenekon case

In Columnists

What sort of context would be proper to understand the expansion of the "dirty area" brought to light by the Ergenekon investigation?

Ergenekon: the trial of today and the future

In Columnists

Turkey is witnessing an era that will determine the fate of the coming years. The big case known as the Ergenekon trial is only at a stage of investigation and arrests for the time being.

Turkish army investigates discovery of weapons in officer’s home

The Turkish army said it had launched an investigation into the discovery of ammunitions at the home of an officer, who is on duty, during the searches conducted as part of the controversial Ergenekon case.

Key Ergenekon suspect says military hired him

ISTANBUL – A former police chief and suspect in the trial of the alleged Ergenekon gang told an Istanbul court Sunday that the military had called on him to form a 300-strong anti-terror team and collect information on Armenians in Turkey.


Military launches own probe of weapons cache

ANKARA – The military has announced it had launched a probe into the weapons stack discovered at the house of Lt. Col. Mustafa Dönmez, now held in a military prison after his surrender Monday."

What if the Ergenekon probe had not been launched?
www.worldbulletin.net, Turkey –

Suppose that there had been no Ergenekon investigation and people were not being prosecuted in the case. And things go wild. An Armenian cleric, one of the

Real news trumps any Ergenekon series, says TV producer
Today’s Zaman, Turkey –

People ask why I’m not doing a new project [based on Ergenekon], but the prosecutors and the police are already engaged in this.

Ergenekon had tradition of hiding weapons
Today’s Zaman, Turkey –

A number of weapons caches belonging to the Ergenekon terrorist organization portray clearly what the group is capable of doing.

Minister says removal of Ergenekon prosecutor out of question
Today’s Zaman, Turkey –

Indicating that Turkey is undergoing an important process in light of evidence revealed about Ergenekon, he said the Ergenekon operation should be seen as

‘Politicians, businessmen next in line in Ergenekon
Today’s Zaman, Turkey –

Retired senior army generals and lower-ranking officers on active duty were detained last week as part of the ongoing investigation into Ergenekon

Are Alevis Target of Ergenekon?
BİA, Turkey –

Kazım Genç, president of the Alevi Pir Sultan Abdal Culture Association, is preparing a press statement after his name was found on a “death list” by

Call for Special Parliamentary Committee for Ergenekon
Biamag, Turkey –

the discovery of weapons arsenals and the statement of former Special Operations Police officer İbrahim Şahin as pivotal in the Ergenekon investigation.

Judiciary in internal fight over the Ergenekon probe
Hürriyet, Turkey –

Such remarks (about the Ergenekon probe) came from the main opposition party leader, Deniz Baykal, but today we heard them from YARSAV President Ömer Faruk
Justice Minister Şahin highlights judiciary independence, raps YARSAV

EurasiaNet, NY –

Named after a legend rooted in the Turkish people’s Central Asian origins, the Ergenekon case began in June 2007 after police discovered an arms cache in an
Turkey arrests 14 more in alleged coup plot

Investigation reveals Ergenekon’s list of persons condemned to death
Public Radio of Armenia, Armenia –

Within the framework of the probe into the case of Ergenekon nationalist organization a list of persons an attempt on whose lives was planned was revealed

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