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Turkey’s Judges and Prosecutors Association (YARSAV) is particularly anxious with Ergenekon related developments and it was harshly criticizing the government today. There is a link below to that news. 
There are rumors that Ergenekon case prosecutor is under intense pressure by the Judiciary establishment who proved itself to be more politically conservative the military itself in recent years…
Weapons and explosives, dug up from a hidden cache during an ...

Weapons and explosives, dug up from a hidden cache during an investigation into an alleged coup plot, are displayed at the local police headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey, Sunday, Jan. 11, 2009. A Turkish court formally arrested nine people on charges being part of an alleged secularist plot to bring down the Islamic-rooted government and police detained 33 more suspects while displaying weapons, dug up from a hidden cache. Prosecutors say the alleged plot aimed to destabilize Turkey through a series of attacks and trigger a coup in 2009. (AP Photo/Ibrahim Usta)

Turkish judges slam gov’t, say Ergenekon probe recalls Hitler era

Turkey’s Judges and Prosecutors Association (YARSAV) harshly criticized the government over its handling of the controversial Ergenekon probe, saying the situation recalls "the eras of Hitler and Mussolini".

Possibility of military intervention in 2009 by EMRE USLU & ÖNDER AYTAÇ


The most recent chapter in the Ergenekon investigation alarmed the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) over the issue of how to protect its image and its members from the ongoing investigation. Immediately after the last wave of Ergenekon detentions, military commanders came together for a six-hour meeting.

Ergenekon alarm at CHP by MÜMTAZ’ER TÜRKÖNE


When the latest wave of detentions in the Ergenekon investigation came to the country’s agenda in a shocking manner, Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Deniz Baykal reacted very harshly. This was very surprising.

Baykal is right: Turkey’s regime is changing

In Columnists

The harshest reaction to the latest wave of detentions of suspected members of the Ergenekon terrorist organization, as it was preparing for a series of assassinations of several Alevi and Armenian leaders and a number of intellectuals, came, as expected, from Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Deniz Baykal.

Mindset of Turkish Gladio Ergenekon

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While the trial of the Turkish Gladio, Ergenekon, is being conducted, the investigation into the organization has reached to a new stage with the detention of several new suspects, including retired generals and military officers on active duty as well as police chiefs, academics and journalists.

An idiot’s guide to Ergenekon: Adm. Örnek’s memoirs

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Several Turkish ultranationalist celebrities have been taken into custody, and the nation is surprised — not because of the identity of these elites but how prosecutors dared to put them in custody.

Pasha’s Brussels speech and Ergenekon

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When former National Security Council (MGK) Secretary-General Tuncer Kılınç was detained within the scope of the Ergenekon investigation, I remembered a speech he delivered in Brussels five years ago. Whether Kılınç, who is currently exercising his right to remain silent, had any part to play in Ergenekon will be learned during the prosecution process.

Where is Feb. 28 in all of this?

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The latest operations carried out as part of the investigation into the Ergenekon terrorist organization have met with unsurprising reactions. We could present ourselves as fortunetellers if we found someone unfamiliar with what happened in the past.

Is General Staff uneasy about Ergenekon detentions?

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Chief of General Staff Gen. İlker Başbuğ paid unscheduled visits to both Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and President Abdullah Gül on Thursday, following the detention of nearly 40 individuals on Wednesday, including retired generals and some high-profile figures as part of the ongoing investigation into the Ergenekon gang, a shadowy crime network which has alleged links to the state and is accused of plotting to topple the government.

Ergenekon from practice to theory

By HAMDULLAH ÖZTÜRK on Turkish Press Review

In the 10th wave of Ergenekon detentions, the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) agreed to the interrogation of two of its retired generals and numerous military officers of different ranks and showed its determination to "respect the state of law."

Ergenekon traffic in the capital

By MUSTAFA ÜNAL on Turkish Press Review

The latest wave of arrests in the Ergenekon investigation is being called a “tsunami” — and has brought about a kind of traffic crush that we have not seen for a long while in Ankara.

Who would most like to get rid of Ergenekon?

By EMRE AKÖZ on Turkish Press Review

It’s time to finally see Ergenekon eliminated. It is above all the Turkish military that wishes for this to happen because not only has Ergenekon lost its functionality, but it is also now carrying out maneuvers that look set to ruffle the feathers of the military’s hierarchy.

As Gladio cracks…

By HASAN CELAL GÜZEL on Turkish Press Review

While the oligarchic circles led by CHP leader Deniz Baykal continue to speak of the independence and impartiality of the justice system to those who criticize recent decisions by the head prosecutor of the Supreme Court of Appeals, the Constitutional Court and the Council of State, they are at the same time able to rain down previously unseen insults and pressure on the prosecutors and court involved in the Ergenekon case, which is being overseen by the head prosecutor of the republic and criminal court.

Baykal’s Ergenekon aches and pains

By AHMET TAŞGETIREN on Turkish Press Review

Deniz Baykal, speaking about the latest wave of arrests in the Ergenekon case, refers to both Khomeini and Peronism. But this same Baykal, for example, does not worry over the possible forced closure of a politic

al party that received 47 percent of the general vote in the nation.

Why do some circles oppose the Ergenekon investigation?

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Just as with previous waves of detentions in the ongoing investigation into Ergenekon, a clandestine criminal network of groups and individuals accused of trying to overthrow the government, last week’s detentions of 37 individuals, including high-profile figures, have spurred reaction and criticism from some circles.

FT.com / Europe – ‘Deep state’
The Ergenekon trial is the highest profile probe of Turkey’s so-called ‘deep state’ since the Susurluk scandal of 1996, which began when a car crashed in the town…

Assassination Foiled, Weapons Cache Discovered

By Jenny White

A large cache of weapons, ammunition and bombs was found yesterday buried in Ankara’s Gölbasi district as a result of a police search based on a map found in the home of Ibrahim Sahin, a former head of the National Police Department’s Special Operations Unit. The operation was launched after Sahin recently ordered the assassination of non-Muslim minority leaders in Sivas…

Arrests of Officers in Turkey Stoke Uneasiness in Military – NYTimes.com

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