40 journalists are invited by Turkish army officials to have a tour in Kurdish populated southeastern regions in Turkey. So that these journalists will know better how the struggle between the security forces and terrorists continue… News in Turkish here.



Civil Society in “European Commission 2008 Progress Report on Turkey”


Dilek Aydemir, JTW

Tuesday , 11 November 2008


Especially in the last two decades, civil society has gained a role as an important actor in giving voice to people’s demands and strengthening the social bases of politics at societal level in Turkey. Moreover, intentions to create a civil society which can make positive contributions to political pluralism were considerable. During 2000s, Turkey has paid significant attention to adaption of the acquis accordingly the European Union reports which, we can say, resulted in significant changes in civil society in tandem. However, Turkey’s 2008 Progress Report makes emphasis on several topics related to civil society which were undermined or stayed weak up to now.

Europe, Turkey and the Debate on Values – OhmyNews International

In terms of football, Turkey is already a European country. Turkey participated in the UEFA European Championship in June, although Turkey’s participation in Europe’s political and economical body, the European Union, is controversially being discussed both within the EU-member states and in Turkey. To understand this debate, it seems important to reconsider the cultural gap between Europe and Turkey, that rises from divergences in religion and tradition. I want to address this topic, focusing on the important question of human rights, emanating from a certain concept of human dignity, that can be called ‘European’ due to its roots in Christian religion and in enlightened philosophy."

[MONDAY TALK]‘Open border a win-win situation for Armenia, Turkey’


Richard Giragosian, an Armenian-American analyst who has been based in Armenia for the last two years, has said an open border between Turkey and Armenia would be a good move for both sides, as Armenians would be able to import and export goods at a much lower cost by circumventing the Georgian monopoly on the trade route and Turkey would benefit from its role as a transit state.

Turkish FM expects new momentum in EU reforms after local elections

"Turkish FM expects new momentum in EU reforms after local elections
Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan reiterated Wednesday his country’s commitment for accession to the European Union, and added that he expects a new momentum in the reform process after March local elections in Turkey."

Babacan’s pace surprised Olli Rehn

By ZAMAN MUSTAFA ÜNAL on Turkish Press Review

While European Commissioner for Enlargement Olli Rehn and Turkish Foreign Minster Ali Babacan were discussing Turkey-European Union relations, Rehn asked Babacan, “Ali, talk about diplomacy a bit, what are you doing as a foreign minister?”

Analysis: The danger of ‘losing Turkey’ – UPI.com

Turkey’s Powerplay: Bridging The West and the Middle East

"Turkey’s Powerplay: Bridging The West and the Middle East

One of the most dramatic celebrations of Barack Obama’s election as president took place neither in Obama’s ancestral village Nyangoma Kogelo, Kenya nor in Chicago, Illinois but in the Turkish village of Cavustepe near the Turkish-Iranian border. The villagers sacrificed 44 sheep in honor of Mr. Obama as the 44th president of the United States. One villager said Obama represents hope not for only for Americans but for all people around the world. He was giving voice to a sentiment shared by millions outside the US."

‘Torture death’

Case throws spotlight on Turkish police brutality

US Ambassador to Ankara James F. Jeffrey

By M.A.M

As written first in Mavi Boncuk in September 2008 the newly appointed US Ambassador to Turkey arrived in Ankara U.S.

Reported Monday, December 01, 2008

Ambassador to Turkey James Jeffrey [1] said Turkey and U.S. have a special alliance which is important for both parties upon his arrival in Ankara on Sunday. Jeffrey was met at Ankara Esenboga Airport by U.S. Embassy to Ankara officials and made a short statement in Turkish, in which he told reporters that he was pleased to be back in Turkey. "Turkey and the U.S. have been friends since 1923 and they have also been allies in Korea and in NATO for 58 years. We have a special alliance which is important for Ankara and Washington. I am very glad to be back in Ankara and Turkey," he said. Throughout my 31 year career, I have worked on a number of occasions in Turkey, the last time I worked in Ankara was in 1999-2002 as head undersecretary, said Jeffrey, a former U.S. Army officer and a diplomat. Jeffrey served in Turkey in three positions and speaks Turkish.

He was selected for the Ankara post due to his vast knowledge of Turkey and experience in Middle Eastern affairs, one analyst said. Most Washington insiders view Jeffrey as a "candid, good, smart and active" diplomat.

A dose of EU realism

In Columnists

Stalled reforms, a rise in human rights violations and an increasingly nationalist political discourse often test the faith of Turkey’s friends in Europe.

A new paradigm required in Turkish-Armenian relations

In Columnists

There are numerous benefits to be achieved as a result of the ongoing dialogue between Turkey and neighboring Armenia, whose enmity dates back to World War I over Armenian claims of genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Turks.

EU to miss opportunity

In Columnists

The majority of blame for a slowdown in Turkey’s EU reforms and the ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AK Party) losing its past enthusiasm for EU membership process can be placed on the EU itself.

Lagendijk shouldn’t be surprised

By SABAH EMRE AKÖZ on Turkish Press Review

It appears that Europeans will never really understand how politics are carried out in Turkey. Ask me which recent event has pushed me to think this, and my answer is: Do you need any example other than Joost Lagendijk (co-chairman of the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee)?

Turkish police violence rises amid ‘culture of impunity’, say campaigners | World news | guardian.co.uk

Human Rights Watch’s damning report claims Turkey is losing human rights battle

* Robert Tait

Turkey has witnessed an alarming upsurge in police violence and brutality fostered by a ‘culture of impunity’ and a government-inspired contempt for human rights, campaigners said today."

Turkey seeks names of YouTube’s Ataturk insulters from U.S. gov’t

Turkey’s public prosecutor in Ankara has asked U.S. authorities to determine the identities of YouTube users that have posted insulting videos of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, and hand them over to Turkey."

The fury of an old narrative scorned

ISTANBUL – Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his government is used to being praised by foreign observers, media and international bodies, but the situation seems to be changing. An article in the latest issue of weekly Economist, which labels Erdoğan as ’autocratic’ triggers a debate, as the PM criticizes foreign media."

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan loses fans abroad

ISTANBUL – Foreign observers, media and organizations are becoming more critical of Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan after praising him since he took the power in 2002."

Turkey and France, one long love story

ISTANBUL – Despite many messages of friendship between Turkey and France ahead of a new cooperative project, one Turkish official also expressed bitterness at Turkey’s seemingly endless European Union candidacy."

La Turquie passionnément

L’Est Républicain (France)

5 décembre 2008

Une cinquantaine de personnes ont assisté à la conférence, proposée par René Canta en partenariat avec la municipalité samedi soir avec l’aide de Marie-Françoise Agostini, conseillère déléguée au développement culturel. Intitulée « La Turquie, une terre et des hommes » , la présentation était associée à une exposition de photos, des clichés noir et blanc pris par le conférencier lors de ses voyages, et entrait dans le cadre de la manifestation annuelle de l’association socioculturelle Ata Turquie : “Automne aux couleurs de Turquie”. Avec des images pleines d’intensité, des regards d’enfants, des maisons de village, des gestes de travailleurs et des paysages saisissants qui ont retenu l’attention des visiteurs. « Turcophile », René Canta a fait partager, lors de son exposé particulièrement bien documenté, son enthousiasme pour un pays qu’il a découvert en 1975.

Turquie: HRW dénonce l’impunité des violences policières

Agence France Presse

5 décembre 2008

La réticence de la Turquie à réprimer les brutalités policières a conduit depuis 2007 à une augmentation des cas de violences provoquées par des agents, parfois avec l’usage d’armes, a affirmé vendredi l’organisation des droits de l’Homme Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Cem Özdemir “Yes we Cem !”

Le Monde (France), 26 novembre 2008, p. 18

Lorraine Rossignol

D’origine turque, l’eurodéputé allemand est devenu le coprésident des Verts, qui l’ont applaudi en plagiant le slogan de Barack Obama. C’est la première fois qu’un enfant d’immigrés prend la direction d’un grand parti politique.

Ah, le joli nom ! Café Übersee (”Café outre-mer”). A lui seul, il évoque les eaux bleues du Bosphore. C’est ici, au coeur du quartier berlinois “multikulti ” (multiculturel) de Kreuzberg, où il vit, que Cem Özdemir donne rendez-vous aux journalistes qui le harcèlent ces derniers jours. Mais c’est d’abord là qu’il vient, le dimanche matin, boire un café avec sa femme, Pia Castro – Argentine, et elle-même journaliste à la Deutsche Welle -, une fois que celle-ci a fini son footing le long du canal.

Istanbul, capitale de l’année…

L´Express (France), 20 novembre 2008, pp. 82-87

Pouliquen Katell

La bouillonnante métropole turque s’affirme comme une des places internationales les plus vivifiantes, où la mode, le design et l’art se réinventent à chaque instant.

Une blonde créature, chaussée de bottes vertigineuses, s’engouffre dans Beymen, boutique de luxe installée dans Istinye Park, microvillage de mode sorti de terre en quelques mois. Piquée de cabochons argentés, la façade laisse entrevoir la préciosité de l’intérieur. Sur 4 700 mètres carrés, les Stambouliotes aisé(e)s viennent s’offrir une veste Martin Margiela, Dries Van Noten ou Balenciaga, une robe griffée Roland Mouret ou Rue du Mail (quelques-unes des 40 marques internationales représentées pour la première fois en Turquie), et aussi le meilleur de Marni, Prada, Marc Jacobs… La designer Zaha Hadid y a signé des canapés où se prélassent les shoppeuses les plus effrénées. Au dehors, d’autres griffes ont leur boutique en propre (Bottega Veneta, Dolce & Gabbana, Celine, Jimmy Choo, Yves Saint Laurent, Paul Smith, Dior…), financées (ou cofinancée pour Dior) par le groupe Beym
en, propriété de la famille Boyner, fortune turque du textile.

«La Turquie a un rôle diplomatique à jouer pour résoudre les conflits du Moyen-Orient»

Le Temps (Suisse), Mercredi 12 novembre 2008

Caroline Stevan

Sami Kohen, éditorialiste turc de passage à Genève, défend les atouts de la diplomatie turque et revient sur les relations de son pays avec le reste du monde. Interview.

Editorialiste au quotidien turc Milliyet et consultant en géopolitique, Sami Kohen s’apprête à partir aux Etats-Unis afin d’informer la future administration américaine des réalités du Moyen-Orient. Il était de passage au bout du Léman, invité à donner une conférence par la Banque Cantonale de Genève.

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  1. When it comes to Turkish ‘authorities’ asking the U.S. Government for names of people insulting Ataturk…
    1- Why can’t those same authorities look for some amongst and around them for those illicit acts of insult each and every day merely by their own deeds.
    2-When will the authorities realize that here in the U.S., there is an entity called ‘private enterprise,’ and they are out of the direct control of the U.S. Government, unlike in Turkey….
    also there is also the matter of the U.S. Constitution which suggests the ‘right to privacy.’
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