the Battle of Chapter 009

So now with hope and more confidence I am working on the draft. I can now think there is more or less coherence in most of the chapters and with a better introduction, I can provide a more organized draft. There is one chapter left that is the most chaotic but theoretically the most colorful one. I now start on that one, Chapter 009 – Conceptual Wars, and let me see what I can manage today…

0 thoughts on “the Battle of Chapter 009

  1. erkanim, eminim hersey iyidir. sen son anlarda hep inanilmaz verimli ve creative olabiliyorsun. cok az kaldi seni gormeme. valla pek ozledim.

  2. eheheh uğraşıyorum ebru, az kaldı, heralde bir gün sonra felan yeni draftı göndericem. artık whatever olayı. 1 Aralık’ta oradayım.

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