Galip and Erkan


Since Tuesday, Galip hoca took me under his wings, and so I am not all lost. I woke up to start a better day and I am now working on draft with a clearer mind. I am gratefull to all my colleagues here and my friends all over the world. They all do their best to keep me going.


0 thoughts on “Galip and Erkan

  1. Erkancım arkanda asılı
    mont dikkatimi çekti.
    Trafikte, sinyalizasyonda
    falan çalışmaya başladın
    haberimiz mi yok? :p

  2. napcaz Serkan. ek iş, para yetmiyor eheheheh
    o Galip hocanın montu, heralde motorsikleti sürerken giyiyor…

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