Obama, Obama!

? President Barack Obama:

Hell Yeah Obama Won

I am not as euphoric as Democrats, but I certainly wake up to start imagining a more peaceful future. But this vicious cycle prevents me to be more euphoric: It is the same American nation that chose Bush for 8 years to have us all a nightmare. And for decades now, Americans first choose Republicans to have nightmares and then choose Democrats as saviors. Republicans mess up the American image, then Democrats spend all their time to fix it. Also think of Reagan era, Nixon era etc… So here starts a good cop era after a bad cop era… Poor Obama inherits a wreckage…

Congratulations to Senator Barack Obama

By Grassroots

TURKISH DIGEST congratulates Senator Barack Obama for his historic victory, and wish him and his Vice President-elect Joseph Biden all the best of luck for the difficult times which lay ahead. We are confident President-elect Obama will view these challenging times as an opportunity to reverse the ill-chosen policies of the past and chart a new course that will lead America and the world to a healthier, safer, more sustainable and prosperous future. Time for CHANGE has come..

Barack Obama becomes first black president of the United States

Obama references Lincoln, channels Kennedy in acceptance speech

The New President: 1913

March 4, 1913. "Inaugural ceremony, East Front of Capitol." Woodrow Wilson being sworn in as 28th president of the United States. View full size.

A New Era for America

By E. J. Dionne Jr. on United States

Yes, it is time to hope again.

Congratulations President Obama!

By Henning Meyer on Social Europe Blog

Barack Obama has won the US Presidential elections! This is a major watershed in US and world politics.



Tonight, we made history here in the U.S.! . . . A non-violent revolution! Although most media outlets would rather wait until at least the polls in California close at 8PM Pacific Time (about an hour from now), I am ready to declare that Barack Obama will become the 44th President of the U.S. tonight. Obama with 200 projected electoral…

It’s President Obama and hope

By Harry Chen on president election

Barack Obama will be the 44th President of the United States. As the country elects its first African-American President, it marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in the US history. Althought it’s too early to tell whether Obama can actually bring this country back on track, but he certainly can motivate people and give people hope.

The world’s American election?, David Hayes

By david hayes on David Hayes

Rona: Why are we here and what is this micro-recorder doing, one of you asked on the way in. The reason I decided to invite you is that it seems we have spent most of the last two years obsessing about the United States presidential election. Now it’s approaching its climax, and afterwards everything will be different – including the nature of our conversation. So before letting go, I wanted to gather – on the day of the vote – to recall what it has been all been about for each of us non-Americans, and to explore and share our different perspectives one last time.

Northern Iraq, the Kurdish issue and the US election

In Columnists

The nearing municipal elections are making us feel the heat of the Kurdish issue with increasing intensity each day.

US elections not sole issue, DRC also on horizon

In Columnists

The US presidential campaign has finally come to an end, but I am unable to write about the new president and this election just yet as the results only became available this morning.

Bush’s heritage: a political and economic rubble

In Columnists

By the time you read this, we will all know who the next president of the US is. As I write this column, all the polls point to a victory for Democrat Barack Obama, with slightly over 50 percent of the vote.

Might there be a surprise in US elections?

By SAMİ KOHEN MİLLİYET on Turkish Press Review

By surprise we mean, of course, the idea that John McCain could win the presidential elections taking place in the US on Tuesday. In truth, a victory by the Republican candidate would be counted as a surprise.

Obama will strike at Turkey from Iraq

By ERHAN BAŞYURT BUGÜN on Turkish Press Review

Every election that has taken place in the US since the time of President Woodrow Wilson has affected Turkey — especially because the US is the world’s biggest economic and military power.

Top searches on Election Day (part 2)

By Karen

The long, long election campaign season culminates today as people make their choices on hundreds of statewide and local contests as well as the race for the next U.S. president. Throughout the day, we’re keeping an eye on Google Hot Trends to decipher what may be meaningful, as well as what’s "business as usual" in Google searches. We’ll post updates as interesting trends turn up. – Ed.

One Man, One Love, One Nation: Obama Presidency

By Internation Musing

Obama elected as President of the USA. With a humble speech!

Barack Obama President

By Mark Deuze

Big moment… watching CNN with a group of American friends in Bloomington, Indiana. Even though I am not a citizen, it is still an emotional moment. Picture taken from Foxnews’ website.

Sarkozy congratulates Obama

By Boz

Lettre de félicitation à M. Barack H. OBAMA, Président élu des états d’Amérique

Monsieur le Président élu,

Le peuple américain vient de vous choisir pour présider à sa destinée au cours des quatre prochaines années.

Michael Tomasky: McCain’s speech

By Michael Tomasky on John McCain

What is McCain saying here? Of course this was special to African Americans. Fine. But this wasn’t affirmative action, pal. This is a little bit tone deaf, I think. And "let there be no reason now for any citizen" to fail to cherish his citizenship kinda puts the onus on black people to quit complaining about everything, no?

The first election the internet won

By Kevin Anderson on US elections 2008

Garrett Graff of the Washingtonian told me more than a month ago that if Barack Obama won the election it would be because of his innovative use of the mobile phones. Mobile phones were part of an overall digital strategy that turned millions of supporters into an army of volunteers and donors.

Even before the general election, Obama’s internet strategy had already proven decisive, Garrett said. He had already defeated the most powerful machine in the Democratic Party: The Clintons. For the full interview with Garrett, listen to this week’s Tech Weekly Podcast Election Special.

Yes You Can. Yes You Did.

By Maximilian Forte on racism

What a night. I am happy to have been alive to see this. Right now a million people packed into a park in Chicago await the arrival of Barack Obama, the next president of the United States. John McCain finished speaking a few minutes ago.

In part because the competing sides that dominated the election were often too close on critical issues of global engagement, and in part to minimize any disappointment from what might have been another bewildering outcome as in 2000 and 2004, I have been very critical, skeptical, and sometimes cynical about this U.S. election. There is no denying that this election has been of tremendous importance to a vast number of Americans, who see this as a momentous shift in the American political landscape. John McCain’s concession speech spent an almost inordinate amount of time focusing on issues of race and civil rights — inordinate because this was not simply an election decided by African American voters alone, nor is its potent meaning restricted to them alone. One must concede at least the obvious, that for the majority of voters this election has wrought a significant change, not another form of continuity.

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  1. The greatest lesson for the world this morning is a long held American tradition in politics the day after a big election. Graciousness in defeat, and united in victory. America comes together, Democrats and Republicans, and supports its new President, wishing him well. Where else can this be so true?


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