"Mutual consent on Turkey's EU bid: the slower the better

Mutual consent on Turkey’s EU bid: the slower the better

Barçin Yinanç

Duchess accused of smearing Turkey’s image – Europe- msnbc.com

EU in last minute move to criticize Erdoğan’s media boycott

The European Union Commission will add a last minute amendment to its annual progress report to include criticisms of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip

Turkey stuck in EU rut

The European Commission’s latest annual report on Turkey is striking for its kind words on Turkish foreign policy and its harsher language on internal Turkish political developments. It describes progress in some areas towards meeting the criteria for joining the European Union, and little or no progress in others.

Cyprus talks resume amid mistrust

Cyprus’ rival leaders resume talks on re-unifying the island, amid growing public pessimism that there could be a positive outcome.

EU top official urges Turkey to set up child courts

Turkey should set up children’s courts in every province and a children’s ombudsman to uphold children’s rights, a priority set by both the United States and European Union, said a top EU official.

Turkey needs to quicken pace before EU is out of sight

As Turkey’s European Union journey continues down a seemingly never-ending road, now is the time for it to pick up the pace in its reform process, according to a European policy expert,

Is Turkey really slow?

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Jacques Barrot, the European Commission’s vice president for justice, freedom and security, made a statement largely covered by the Turkish media. According to him, Turkey was very reluctant to discuss a particular subject during a meeting in December 2006.

Europe’s headscarf mistake

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The European Union, which has made great contributions to democratic progress in Turkey, insists on sticking to its position on certain issues. To see this, it is enough to take a look at the progress report published by the European Commission every year in November.

EU progress report, the headscarf and press accreditation

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Toward the end of every October, Turkish intellectuals whose faces are turned toward the West have been consumed in recent years by a mixed feeling of hope and concern.

Belgium and Turkey: perceptions matter

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Let me approach my topic for this week from a cross-cultural perspective. There was a saying when I was younger that Belgium was probably Europe’s most boring country.


By yuvakuran

If there is one constant of Turkish foreign policy, it is that Ankara puts the nation’s interests first and foremost, which occasionally discomfits neighboring countries and allies, who believe that their perceptions and interests should have more impact on policy formation than is often the case.

Progress report: a Brussels-made euphemism


Sarkozy, the pope and Turkish judges

Just imagine a Turkey like this: The president of Turkey officially invites the highest religious leader or authority in the world who is Muslim, Sunni and even non-Turkish, for that matter, and welcomes him with a state ceremony.

A very biased article: European Union breaks its silence

By Internation Musing

Some Turkish journalists are thinking that the executive branch of the EU is on a daily base busy with Turkey if there are no other candidate countries or other issues to be solved than Turkish membership. Wrong!
If you read the headline ‘Europe Union breaks its silence’ then you would expect something spectacular regarding something what’s going on in Turkey. Wrong. The EU simple published their annual report about candidate country Turkey.
Here the article and below some excerpts from the report:

Two new chapters to be opened in Turkey-EU conference on Dec. 18

Why are headscarf, press accreditation issues not in EU report

By BUGÜN, ERHAN BAŞYURT on Turkish Press Review

The European Commission is preparing to issue a progress report on Turkey on Nov. 5. In fact, the main points of this report have already been leaked to the media.

Democratic reforms? (1)

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Recently the Left group in the European Parliament organized a conference in İstanbul titled "Turkey on the Way to Europe." I was asked to deliver the opening speech in the morning session, which focused on political parties and the Turkish reform process.

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