2nd day in the Ergenekon trial

Turkey ‘plotters’ trial resumes

The trial of more than 80 people accused of being part of an ultra-nationalist plot to provoke a military coup resumes in Turkey.
The second hearing for the Ergenekon case
Sabah, Turkey –

It’s seemed that radical cautions have been taken not to experience troubles again before the second hearing for the Ergenekon case with 86 suspects,
Ergenekon trial resumes amidst ‘space’ debate

YUSUF KANLI Ergenekon must continue in Ankara
Turkish Daily News (subscription), Turkey –

If there is a judicial case with 86 suspects, 46 of them arraigned, how big should the courtroom be where these defendants could face a judicial proceeding

The greater Ergenekon that we can’t touch (I)
Turkish Daily News (subscription), Turkey –

The alleged members of “Ergenekon,” an ultra-nationalist covert terror network that was trying to bring Turkey to the brink of a military coup,

Either Ergenekon or modernization
Turkish Daily News (subscription), Turkey –

Let’s look at the Kurdish and the Ergenekon issues. What is the Kurdish issue today? We don’t know. What is the Ergenekon got to do with the Kurdish issue?

Turkey’s Ergenekon trial on alleged coup plan continue with second day
Hürriyet, Turkey –

The second day of hearings in Turkey’s controversial Ergenekon case will be held on Thursday. The 13. High Criminal Court in Istanbul on Monday adjourned
‘Deep state’ trial polarises Turkey

Turkish coup plot trial reconvenes in reduced form

Suspects on Trial for Planning to Incite Coup in Turkey

Either Ergenekon or inevitable end
www.worldbulletin.net, Turkey –

However, when the Ergenekon network was first uncovered, we saw a role swap. Certain media organization who actively promoted the unearthing of deep state
I have a question for Mr Interior Minister

Recusation Demand In The Ergenekon Case Rejected
Biamag, Turkey –

The Ergenekon court rejected the recusation demand by the defense lawyers regarding Judge Sedat Sami Haşıoğlu. The court that is trying the Ergenekon case

Ergenekon trial resumes amidst ‘space’ debate
Today’s Zaman, Turkey –

The trial of 86 suspects on charges of membership in the Ergenekon group — a criminal network accused of plotting to overthrow the government — resumes

Ergenekon case is an irreversible step for Turkey by MUSTAFA ŞENTOP

The Ergenekon trial has finally started. The transformation from a lengthy investigation that lasted a year and a half into an indictment and a lawsuit is a big step.

Ergenekon reloaded by EMRE USLU & ÖNDER AYTAÇ

The Ergenekon trial has finally begun. Although the trial quickly descended into disarray, it gave us a snapshot of how the suspects will manipulate the trial process.

Ergenekon trials: gross incompetence

Mehmet Ali Birand

Justice Ministry intervenes to resolve issues at Ergenekon court
Today’s Zaman, Turkey –

He responded t
o questions from the press about the problems encountered in conducting the trial during the Ergenekon case’s first hearing on Monday by

CHP leader Baykal praises Ergenekon suspects
Today’s Zaman, Turkey –

Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Deniz Baykal has praised some individuals currently standing trial as suspected members of Ergenekon, a crime network
Opposition slams government

MHP leader Bahçeli attacks PM’s defense of democracy

Former prosecutor detained in Ergenekon investigation
Today’s Zaman, Turkey –

A former public prosecutor was detained by police yesterday as part of the investigation into Ergenekon — a criminal network accused of plotting to

TURKEY: Turkish nationalism, Ergenekon, and denial of religious
Forum 18, Norway –

Ergenekon members are alleged to have maintained deathlists of people, including Christians with a missionary background. The Malatya murder trial is

Ertugrul Ozkok: The final name of the media gang
Hürriyet, Turkey –

It is "the organization plan of the Ergenekon gang". It is impossible to understand what logic was used to create this document and connect any of these

End of an era, the Ergenekon case
Turkish Daily News (subscription), Turkey –

This is the historic summary of the Ergenekon crime gang case that began yesterday. Various organizations were formed in order to save Turkey from “traitors

Provocations are organized by Ergenekon, secret witness says
Today’s Zaman, Turkey –

One of the secret witnesses in the investigation into the Ergenekon organization, a group that has been indicted for its attempts to overthrow the

Ergenekon Trial Takes Off At Silivri
BİA, Turkey –

In the first hearing of the Ergenekon trial that started today (October 20), the defense lawyers demanded that Sedat Sami Haşıoğlu, one of the judges in the
Minister defends Ergenekon prosecutor

Şahin: Nobody has right to assail judiciary

I hope we don’t lose track in Ergenokon!

The Ergenekon case has been declared as the case of the century but it just turned into a razzle-dazzle at the end of the first day of trials the other day.The number of the accused, lawyers, relatives

The Ergenekon Case


Real Ergenekon culprits should be punished

Mehmet Ali Birand

A sincere reminder for the AKP

In the political history of Turkey, movements backed by the periphery come to power but soon surrender to financial and positional benefits

From which periphery is the AKP sliding and to which center?

No one can deny the diversity in the social and political structures, compared to the old days. For instance, while we were trying to explain politics in past years, we were looking at “center-periphery”

Link General Staff to Defense Ministry


Turkey may be able to come up with a solution that would give it a way out of the strange situation in which it finds itself in the wake of the disastrous events at Dağlıca and Aktütün.

Leave the Kurds to sing their own songs


When a solution for the Kurdish issue is reached completely independently of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)
and on a democratic basis, there will be absolutely no place for the bloody PKK terror group left on Turkish soil.

Turkey confronts its dark past

All the national daily newspapers published in Turkey dedicated a special place on their front pages on Monday to the trial of the people suspected of membership in Ergenekon, a criminal network with ties to the state.

Terror, the army and the government

The progressively increasing number of terrorist attacks is seriously poisoning the atmosphere of Turkish politics. In addition, some media reports that have accused the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) of not protecting its outposts because of its lack of preparation, and even negligence, have sparked serious political turmoil.

A ‘not-so-good’ beginning

My colleague, Mehmet Ali Birand, ended his rather "personal" column Monday with these words: "My final note is addressed to [Justice and Development Party] AK Party adherents and to some of the pens that write for their supporting media.

Ergenekon trial off to a rocky start

The landmark trial of 86 individuals suspected of membership in Ergenekon, a criminal network with links to the state accused of plotting to topple the government, began on Monday; however, it quickly turned into disarray due the unbearable physical conditions of the courtroom, which did not have the capacity to host the suspects, their lawyers and relatives and members of the press.

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