Engin Ceber

because he is a radical leftist, his case may be lost and may just be another item in Turkey’s shameful human rights history…

 Turkey probes death of activist
International Herald Tribune, France – Oct 12, 2008
Human rights groups say 29-year-old Engin Ceber was severely beaten by officers while in custody. He died in a hospital from a brain hemorrhage on Saturday

A Torture Death And Three Still In Danger

By Jenny White on torture in Turkey

...[Engin] Ceber, an inmate at Istanbul’s Metris Prison, died last week after allegedly being abused and tortured at the hands of police and prison guards. Ceber was reportedly taken into custody along with three friends in Istanbul for selling a leftist magazine. They were later convicted and sent to Metris Prison. The four inmates were allegedly subjected to disproportionate use of force and heavy torture by policemen and prison guards. Ceber was taken to the hospital last week and was pronounced dead there after suffering from a brain hemorrhage as a result of a head injury…


Turkey’s anti-terror actions should not curb human rights, says EU

The European Union’s enlargement chief cautioned Turkey on Saturday that measures targeting Kurdish terrorists should not curb human rights, according to the Anatolia news agency.

Selling Turkey to Europeans

Although many European Union countries have failed to sell Turkish membership to their citizens, the ultimate task of eliminating European misperceptions rests with Turkey itself, according

Turkey and the EU: a win-win game


Turkey and Armenia: What Jews should do


Sep. 4, 2007


As one of the first authors and editors of Myths and Facts, a Record of the Arab-Israeli Conflict I know what it means to instinctively jump to defend Israel’s reputation. In the face of barrages of canards and accusations, we countered that Israel did not expel millions of Palestinians, did not commit wanton massacres, and did not use an omnipotent Washington lobby to subvert American interests in the Middle East.

Prejudice under scrutiny at Frankfurt Turkey symposium : Europe World

Frankfurt – German prejudices towards Turks, but also Turkish prejudices against Western people, came under scrutiny Saturday at a symposium on the eve of the Frankfurt Book Fair. Turkey and its literature are special guest at the annual publishing trade show, which begins Wednesday."

Institutional framework for Turkish-Arab ties

Participants in the First Foreign Ministers’ Meeting of the Turkish-Arab Cooperation Forum reiterated their support for Turkey’s candidacy for a non-permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council.

More sincerity is needed in EU-Turkey relations

Sylvia Tiryaki

« Face à la Turquie, l’Union européenne est-elle assez sécularisée ? »

By acturca on Tülin Bumin

Le Soir (Belgique), jeudi 09 octobre 2008

Tülin Bumin *, propos recueillis par Maroun Labaki

Voici quelques jours, au cours d’un colloque organisé sur la Turquie à l’ULB, vous vous êtes demandé si l’Union européenne était assez sécularisée pour admettre la Turquie en son sein…

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  1. I didn’t realise that people like Engin Ceber were still dying in Turkish prisons. This makes me so incredibly sad as, as you know, I do adore Turkey and its people.


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