"Author Le Clezio wins Nobel prize

‘Just reward’

Finns welcome Nobel Peace Prize for one of their own

Author Le Clezio wins Nobel prize

Distinguished French novelist Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio is awarded this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature.


In Memoriam | Metin And: the Evliya Çelebi of Turkish culture

By M.A.M

Mavi Boncuk
Metin And: the Evliya Çelebi of Turkish culture
Despite Metin And’s advanced age, he was still producing and creating. He was quite happy in his Ankara home; the passage of years did nothing to decrease his ties to life and the general joy with which he faced life.

Profile | Prof. Metin AND (1927- 2008)

By M.A.M

Mavi Boncuk Prof. Metin AND (b. İstanbul, 1927- d Istanbul October 2, 2008)

Research Areas: History of performing arts (drama, opera, ballet-dance, puppetry, shadow theatre), semiotic of visual arts, Anatolian rituals, dances, magic, and games, Ottoman miniatures, social life, Ottoman iconography, and festivities, history of religions, mithology and folklore.

Why do we care so much about the Nobel Prize?

By David Kenner

Mario Tama/Getty Images

Without taking anything away from former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize today for his work as an “outstanding international mediator” in conflicts from Indonesia to Northern Ireland, the entire institution of the Nobel Committee has grown so self-important that this is a worthwhile opportunity to question its judgment and ultimately its usefulness.

At Last!And the 2008 Nobel Prize for Literature goes to …

A formal rejectionMark Lawson: Nobel judges like their books experimental – to the cost of the classic American novelists

An insular view of the Nobel prize

Marco Roth: The Nobel prize for literature doesn’t really have much to do with literary excellence – and that’s not a bad thing

Will capitalism collapse? by ATİLLA YAYLA

The crisis in the financial markets and financial institutions that has affected the US and the UK and has the potential to slowly spread from these countries to other countries throughout the world has given the circles that hate the monster known as capitalism the chance to raise their voices once again.

If McLuhan Were Alive

By rushkoff

…he’d be a member of the Media Ecology Association. Marshall actually came up with the term Media Ecology, and worked with Neil Postman to create the Media Ecology program at NYU. While the program went to the great beyond with Postman’s passing, it has morphed into an international organization of people from a wide range of fields who look at the way media and culture influence one another.

From unidimensional to multidimensional thinking

By Romualdas Ozolas

The European tradition of abstract thought as mastered by Kant must show the way in thinking about the State, argues Romualdas Ozolas, a founder of the Lithuanian Sajudis movement.

Two approaches to Orhan Pamuk



By John Robb

A major conclusion from my book Brave New War is that security in the future, from economic to physical to environmental to social, will be assaulted by a never-ending series of global systemic shocks from a plethora of sources. The reasons for this are simple, the global system is:

How the world’s top economies see the financial crisis

By Jerome Chen on Globalization

Capitol Hill seemed like the center of the universe last night as U.S. senators scrambled to save U.S. workers, students, and Joe Sixpack from financial disaster. But what about the other constituents of America’s economic domain? I’m talking about other countries. How have they reacted to this spiraling crisis? Let’s take a look at a few major players:


By Toby Miller

Greenpeace names Nokia greenest electronic brand

Washington, Oct 1 (ANI): Nokia has been ranked as the most eco-friendly electronic brand, according to Greenpeace’’s annual Guide to Greener Electronics.
In the ninth edition of its guide, Greenpeace has declared that Nokia is a step ahead of other well-known manufacturers like Samsung and Nintendo.
Nokia managed to get a high score of seven out of ten possible points, because of its improved take-back practices in India, toxic chemical issues, utilizing models free of PVC and aiming to have all new models free of brominated flame retardants and antimony trioxide by the end of 2009, reports Environmental News Network.
Second in the list of greener electronics was Samsung with 5.7 points, because of the increased energy-efficiency of its products.

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